Hope all you Southerners are safe in the snow

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I heard some places in AL got 5" of snow and other places down south got it too. We are suppose to get 10-15" tonight and tomorrow from the storm.
Please check in with us and let us know that you are ok in the snow.
Snow in Alabama? That's weird. It's bad enough that some places in Texas got snow last December some time. We got 5 inches here around Easter of 2006....Please, no snow!


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I've been seeing it on the news and it doesn't look good. I hope everyone is safe, I know you folks aren't prepared for driving in that stuff. I hope your gardens don't suffer to much. I'll bet the kids are loving it.


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I heard this also.......at least where you live, it doesnt last....up here it stays forever....like gum on your shoe.....tee hee


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The northern part of Alabama had snow today the new's showed 3 inche's already melting.We had a few flake's around 10.30 this morning.My daughter wanted it to snow so I made her get up and come see it.I said there's your snow LOL:)The last snow I have seen here was back in the 80's.Very little then.
We live in the south and yes its a treat to see snow once in a while ,but thank god it doesnt stay long,Ive only seen it accumlate a few time sin Ga,but not that many times where i live.I WANT SPRING NOW ENOUGH OF COLD WEATHER.


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It has been a very strange winter indeed. Our temps vary from high 50s to 12F. It is 12 now but tomorrow 57??? Very little snow though which is fine with me.

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