How To Build A Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System!!!!

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I used to build my own earth box type containers but got tired of the constant watering! please take a look at my system I invented you can construct the containers in about 20 seconds! I had fantastic results! Just thought I would share this with you! Larry



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Welcome to our forum Larry!
Very ingenious design!
Thank you for sharing your inventuon!
It's simple and easy to build and is user friendly!
My slogan is plant it and forget it!~ What is really cool is you can use any container! a five gallon pail, a dollar store 18 quart wash tub! a plasic tote you name it they all grow great in it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time i am here to help! Good Luck! Larry


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wow awesome idea Larry, thanks for sharing with us
I'm out in your neck of the woods for 2 months on business
Flew into Minn/St Paul and now in Eau Claire, WI
If you get around the Brainerd MN area stop in the coffee's on!!! you got to try building at least 1 system you will be forever spoiled!!!! thanks Larry


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The only drawback with the design is that mosquitoes could become a problem with the open water!
Might need to add a screen to the design to prevent mosquito access!
Never had a problem not one mosquitoe!!! Very easy to to cover rain gutter with plastic and make holes just large enough for the net cups! But like i said i had ten units and never had one bug! Larry


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I was thinking of using screening, the same mesh size used for window and door screens, easy enough to cut it to fit and staple it on!
Mosquito problems tend to be regional and will use any water source to lay their eggs!
So if you do not have a problem it doesn't necessarily follow that other gardeners will not.
Using screens will be preventative.
I do something really close to this but have a resivour per container and you fill it from a PVC pipe fill tube. I bet you don't have a mosquito problem as the water container is rather small and will be wicked up often enough to kill the larva. With this little water two tomatoes will empty it in a day.

I'll switch this season from a dozen 5 gallon buckets like this to four 18 gallon totes with larger fill tubes. It will cut down on my watering time considerably. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to