I am new, att: Dawn kya

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Hi dawn

as you see i am new and i just introduced myself.

I received your encouragement card thru mail concerning about me.

You just dont know how good i felt, this mail arrived in a moment that i needed to hear love words like yours, it was like a message from god.

I got in touch with treva and asked her for help to be able to get in touch with you and my old friends "prayers angels" , and here i am, i am doing better living day by day....it has not been easy and still i have a long way to go, my faith in god is what keeps me going.

Thank you

and i will start navigating in this great forum with great gardeners where i will continue to learn and trade.

God bless you



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Welcome Susy
Glad you was able to find us
Visit when ever you can and jump right in and make yourself at home

Kya D

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Susy I am so glad you got the card Ya know we all love ya and are here for any support you need. Day by day is the only way to do it.
I am sooooo glad you are here, I missed ya.


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Hi Susy! I'm glad you found your way here. Welcome to Gardenforums . I know you''ll enjoy the site and you'll probably find a lot of your friends here also.
Susy welcome to GF glad you have found some of your old friends here and I am sure you will find many new freinds here Looking forward to getting to know you.
Hi Susy! Welcome from the PNW. I'm happy you have found some old friends here. It's a wonderful site. I too found some friends I've been missing and I am happy to be making new friends. I look forward to getting to know you. Sounds like you've had some rough times. I hope things are improving for you.

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