I am thinning my sedum

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would you happen to have chocolate ball , sea star or october daphne ? been looking for them 3 for a while , can trade some black jake sedum for them .
Hey Nancy, I do have October Daphne sedum - Dawn sent it to me a couple of years ago. She's such a sweetie! ;) Would love to have some of your black jake sedum in trade.
Let me know.

Kya D

Active Member
Well then :) if Dizzy got that one from me I guess I do have it but I had no clue.
I have alot of no ID sedums.
its ok Dawn , me too , short ones , tall ones , ground cover ones , love the darn things and always looking for ones i dont have. arent we just something !!!!!


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i would love to have some dawn, i only have autumn joy, i did have another one that was white and green leaves but i lost it
plmk thanks

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