I like this site!

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I just had to say this...I'm sure enjoying this site. One of the best things about it is....it does NOT have a chat area! People actually talk to each other in the posts and it's ok for anyone or all to jump in..I have missed that soooo much. Guess I'm being a little..uh..corny, but it's nice to find a "down to earth" gardening site again. I can put pics in my posts and it doesn't take a computer whizz to do it, it has lots of forums but not over done..and games do not take first priority. It has private message that works ....I could go on and on! Some of you know what I mean!
Anyway..thanks Bob , for doing this, and thanks Laurie for inviting me. I know I'm not one of the old gg gang but..you got it going on for this site and I'm glad to be here!
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Glad you joined us here. You don't have to be an old GG'er to be here. It's just that alot of us are former GG'ers and most of us got lost when Jackie sold the GG forum. We knew Bob as he helped Jackie there and he knew what we all were going though as he kept in touch with some of us. He knew we needed a down to earth forum without all the bells and whistles, something simple where we all could be back together again, chatting like old times and Bob has supplied us with that and we are are all Happy Little Gardeners again being on here. Some of us went to a couple of new forums and they were not the same as what we used to have. They didn't feel like home and this one sure does feel like home and so glad that the gardening family has grown and now you are in it. There is so much gardening and canning knowledge on here already and there will be more to come. It's so nice to be able to ask a question and someone comes along and answers it for you. I love being part of this gardening family. :D
I'm kinda new here. When I did go to the GG forums. It was not for me. Even tho I am still with another club. I really feel comfortable here and at home..So lets grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair and have some fun.. I am on the computer sometimes late at night. So if there is anybody that stays up late. I will most likely be looking around.. Getting to know this forum better..

Bob.. thanks for doing this for all of us . Linda


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Gloria my dear friend, You are now one of the old GG gang....You will really enjoy all the people...great bunch of people...

Linda that is dittoo for you...you both are going to fit right it...:)


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Welcome aboard Gloria... I've got some good news for you too. You've now been a member for almost as long as this site's been open. So yesterday you were a newbie, but today you're one of the old timers. ;)


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Welcome! I agree with all above , we like new people that's what keeps a site alive. A lot of us have been together through many sites over many years, but I know you will fit right in. Glad you're here and look forward to talking with you.
Have a great garden day!

I'm really glad Laurie contacted me about checking this forum out. I was totally....ummm...discouraged, I guess...with many other sites I tried to fit into. Nice folks, just not places where I felt comfortable.

This kinda feels like coming home.:)


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I third everything everyone said here......its been a very long time since we all got together........a simple forum to talk with all our long lost gg buddies is just what we needed.....no other forum provided that home atmosphere......but bob gave it back to us......so thank you bob for taking the time to create this new forum....it does feel like we have come home.......home for the holidays!!! AMEN!!!
I'm from the old GG and missed it alot, I belong to 3 other forums but there not like being home Bob has giving us a place to call home, Yes Glory there is a Sants Claus and his name is BOB, so sit back and enjoy some of the great people here, heck their all great :D


It is good to see old friends and make new ones too:) I would love to see a chat room too.. is there any chance of that Bob?? I go way back with some of these folks who were on the old Garden Escape site and we had a wonderful time in the chat room back then.
Hey there GardenBear - so good to see you here...you too Chatty. WOW - isn't it wonderful that we can all be gathered together again in a happy place:D Good "ole" Bob - he always was one we could rely on and he is here for us once more.


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I would love to see a chat room too.. is there any chance of that Bob?
No, I'm afraid no chatroom... There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, getting one that works with the forum is difficult and expensive.

Secondly they're much harder to moderate, and you often get people in there causing problems and / or spamming the place. They're a lot like a CB radio where you've got that one kid on the channel being an idiot.

I used to have them in a couple of my forums, but I've removed them all, too much hassle. I notice that many online forums have done the same thing.
I don't particularly like them either Bob. I like the posting in a thread idea of a forum - done on your own time frame! I think with today's webcams being so popular, one should use those to chat directly - or the IM thing I hear people talking about - then people can chat directly at the designated timing with no need to harm a great forum, like this one, with spammers, etc
Sorry to hear the chats are a problem... I like interacting with people, thru a tru conversation. Thanks for explaining why tho. I remember the chat we had at the old garden.com that chat was open all the time and no matter time day or night someone was always around to chat. Once in awhile we got a weed or two, but the core chatters pretty much took care of them! LOL

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