I think my aloe vera plant is dying?

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I have an aloe vera plant and some of this leaves are brown at the base. mushy and turning brown and limp, how can I bring my aloe back to life? and does it sound like its dying? I dont wanna kill it or anything so I left it alone, I hardly ever water it and I keep it out of indirect sunlight i only water it once in a great while once every month or so

thank you :)

here are 2 pics of what my plant looks like



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Things get lost with all the other threads
There isn't anything you can do with your aloe!
As you mention that you didn't water it very often...and that is part of the problem.
The other problem is the lack of sunlight!
Aloe vera require watering once the soil dries, usually once a week, and some sun is essential. A south, or east facing window is ideal!
So, your aloe died from lack of essential care!
They usually die from too much TLC!
You could try again with a healthy one!


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Actually no one wanted to tell you that your aloe was in hopeless state!:eek:
I won the draw so had no choice but to tell you the truth!;)
I was always told to not water aloe plants alot like maybe once a month or every other month because they like the dry soil and I was told to give them alot of daylight/sunlight i might dry again with a new aloe plant


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It did look like too much water. They get mushy in the crown when they have too much water. They actually die from the root. That is why the leaves still look ok but the center is brown :( They do like to be on the dry side. That particular variety likes morning to filtered light best. Strong direct sun for long periods can do damage. If you get another one, Let the soil dry completely before watering. It is best to spray the plant or water in small amounts.It is not necessary to "soak" the soil each time it is watered.
I had an aloe plant die. It was doing great inside then I moved it outside for the summer months thinking it would do better. It A, got too much water(because I would water it as much as my annuals), and B, got to much sun. Yes, inside by a window, and a light watering weekly is the way to keep them going. It's always sad to see a plant go, especially an aloe


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I have killed aloes before I think too much care lol right now I have 4 pots or so I'm working on getting them ok with light frosts from feeding with ice and cold water

The thing to keep in mind is aloes are tropical plants they actually like the water but need well draining soil as well only one person has said that and mine are loving it

They get watered with my orchids (only have 2) they like everyone else get misted on occasion they also like everyone else get daylight spectrum lights on a timer so there on about 16 hours I haven't fertilised lately lol but they seem happy with what there getting lol

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