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Hello all,

My name is Husain and I just joined Garden Forums after inquiring for propagation from cuttings.
I am a member of "Western Australia Fern Society" and "Palm & Cycad Society of Western Australia (PACSOWA)"
I am interested in gardening in general and active in plant propagation via seeds, cuttings and offshoots.
I hope I can get some of your experiences in gardening and may be I can also help solve some of the problems enquentered based on my experiences.
I appreciate if you could include me in your correspondences and communications.

Thanks & Regards,



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Welcome to our forum Husain!
Looking forward to answering any questions you have!
I'm usually on in the mornings (my time) :)



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We've been watching all the fires that burned so much of your country....we are so glad the rains finally came.
You must be so relieved now that the fires are out!

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