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Thanks Kya D and Dale. I have so many more to bloom yet. There's a special one that is blue and white that I can't wait to see a bloom this year. I had a very dark purple that looked like velvet but the electric company's crew popped the blooms off when they came out to remove a limb from the power line..I was devestated!!! LOL
A good many of my Irises were recieved from trades, the rest are a collection I ordered from Spring Hill.


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Love them Gloria, can't wait to see more of yours. i lost alot of mine a couple of springs ago, where I planted them got too wet in the spring and they rotted. moved the ones i saved to another spot.


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I was real surprised to see this wild violet growing at the base of this Iris.. now I have a thing for wild violets! They are so dainty! I've found several in my back yard and transplanted them to my flower beds.




Just beautiful Gloria! Makes me want to come visit Well I would want to see you too not just your flowers:D



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I'm a gardening fanatic (I know I'm not alone here!!) I don't know which I'm more fond or vegetables. One is beautiful to the eye..the other puts food on the table.

I have to say, I'm really proud of my hubby...after he has become disabled, he's as hooked as I am at gardening. He was great about the veggie garden before but now he's into flowers too! I like all flowers including wild flowers and he's always watching the woods and roadsides for anything with a bloom on it!
I love Iris and may ask my Aunt and Uncle if I can come and get a few rhizomes from their big bed this year. I have a space planned for them. I am trying to stick to a budget this year and limit my spending. We are trying to make the yard as low maintenance as possible so that the mowing is easy and we don't have to do much moving around as the shade situation changes. Since the neighbor just put in Leyland Cypress I have to rethink my plan. Life goes on.
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I love that peach one too. Irises are one of my favorite flowers. I can't wait for mine to bloom but at the moment they are only about six inches tall and the minis are only about two inches tall. I'll have to wait a bit.
Oh, how beautiful! There is a place near here that grows all kinds of Irisis.

A friend of mine's, husband, dug up their Irisis and threw them away. :( I didn't know about it until to late. :( :(


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Gloria, I am so jealous! I have 1 bud so far on Fire Storm, a mini. Nothing yet on any of the others. Can't wait to see more of your blooms! They are just gorgeous.

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