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The University of South Carolina, as part of its healthy eating initiative, has been holding a local Farmer's Market once a month since last fall. Ok, it was here two times last month instead of January, but you get the picture.

Anyway, I was just over there this morning, and it is so wonderful to have the early squashes and greens grown in South Carolina to buy. There are some organic farmers out of Sumter who come and had all kinds of greens and radishes for sale. The goat lady from Old MacCaskills Farm was there, too, and I got some goat sausage and goat's milk fudge. There's a nice Italian man there who always makes you try his vegetables, and I got some sweet peppers from him.

Oh, and the breads, there are several bread vendors, and it's hard to narrow it down to just a few selections. I got some sweet braided breads to share in the break room with the rest of the staff. I got my favorite Marathon bread for sandwiches from a baker out of Charleston, and some whole wheat baguettes and herbed flatbread from another.

*And* the pimento cheese lady was there! I've never really cared for pimento cheese, until I had hers, and now I have to get her to adopt me so I can get the recipe someday! Her husband makes smoked cheeses, and she uses those in the pimento cheese. I got some of his smoked provolone.

These last few years it seems that local Farmer's Markets have been springing up everywhere, and I am delighted. It's not just the shopping, it's chatting with all the nice folks about how they grew or produced things. My favorite is the one over in Camden, SC; but the price of gas has made it tough to justify driving over for that. In the fall sometimes my sister and I sell our extra peppers there. We never make much, but we have a good time talking to folks.

And it's a beautiful spring day and I got to walk around outside instead of hanging out down here in the dungeon where I work!
We have a farmers market that is every saturday in the parking lot of one of our local malls, and starting in April or May it is down town on one of the streets on Thrusday nights. I love it! It has a couple of people that bring baked goods, one who brings flavored mustards and vinegars, two that bring honey, lots that bring fresh vegetable and fruit, they even have some one that makes fresh kettle corn!
Nothing better than the local farmers market! Ours starts up next month, I spend every early Saturday morning there that I can and come home and cook up some yummy stuff.


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Our Framer's Market started out with just a few farmers’s selling their produce for a few months every summer. They close off the street and set up the booths in the middle of the street. It wasn't long before it grew and took up an entire city block and it started earlier and ran later thru the summer. Now it takes up two city blocks and runs from the first Sunday in May to the last Sunday in Oct. It's more like a street fair. Beside the wonderful produce there is honey, soaps, breads, willow furniture, beads & jewelry, candles, flowers, dried flower arrangements, kettle corn and the food booths, southern food, Filipino food, Thai food, and more I can't remember it all. Every week there is a different band playing live music. It really is a very festive event. I don’t go very often because it’s all so wonderful I can’t afford all the temptations. LOL. I am blessed to have a fruit stand with the very best produce just 1 ½ miles from my house. I stop in there at least once a week mostly for the most wonderful corn in the world and for fruits I can’t grow.

Kim I know you have some awesome fruit stands in your area. I sure missed them when I left there.


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Blue here in Florence we have the state Farmer's Market but we have a small local market that has a lot of organic stuff. The milk coming from Pelzer and other great dairy products. I have a local person get free range eggs from. Glad you have a place to get local produce from.
Thanks BlueAussi...I mentioned it to my sister who knew about it but hadn't taken advantage of the opportunity to check it out. Hmm, don't know what to think about that. Marked my calendar for April and will see if I can drag her along.
Our farmers market runs all year long, just down town in the summer time on thursdays.

Like you Bernie, ours really picks up on all of the jewlery and craft items in the spring and summer. Yes we do have great fruit stands. I have 3 that I can go to within 3 miles of my house! I'm waiting for the blackberries and the boysenberries to start coming off. They are expensive but I love them.

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