looking ahead to next spring/summer (hibiscus)...

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venturing into the world of hibiscus container gardening will be a first for me. i have searched a number of sites relating to best container material. when it comes to containers, the "norm" for me is usually miracle gro (or, a very similar mix). my question is, what seems to work the best for you---when it comes to growing hibiscus in containers?

now, for the best/most interesting part---searching for that hibiscus plant(s)! lol

Kya D

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Treva oh Treva where are you.
Treva is absolutely hooked on tropical Hibiscus'
I would bet she will have some to trade.


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Sorry I did not see this post, I am with my mother right now she is sick with cancer and I am not sure when I will be able to return home?
BUT...as soon as I do maybe we can do some trading of hibiscus!!! I would Love that!
As for pots I use plastic, with LOTS of holes drilled in the bottom, like 13 to 15 of them!!!
Hibiscus can not sit in water they have to be well drained although moist.
I hope this helps and I look forward to many more discussions and trades ;)
Fly, are you talking about tropical hibiscus?
spot on!

came across a site (exotichibiscus.com)---saw some gorgeous tropical hibiscus. the ones that caught my eye: Erin Rachael, Pride-Renee Blaschke, Eye of the Storm, Secrate Dream, and Stolen Kiss. ok, actually they ALL caught my eye! lol

as far as medium for the hibiscus container, i noticed some sites mentioned "porosity" as being very important. if i remember correctly, it said to add some sand (sharp, not round) and/or fine pine bark mulch to help with porosity. that's kinda why i thought i would ask what medium any hibiscus growers use in their containers. btw, i have never even heard of "sharp sand", and, have no idea whatsoever where one would get it! hahaha

ok, just went back to check on that website---i am going to show my "amatuer" status here---appears website just mentions hybrid hibiscus---didn't notice any direct mention of "tropical"---should i assume these are tropical hibiscus?

i did notice on the description of some of the hibiscus as "good for pots"---from this statement, should one assume some do better in pots than others? and, would it be wise to stick with a "pot rated" hibiscus?

side note: Treva, just noticed your post. i am so sorry to read that. thoughts and prayers indeed.
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I use a soil called Jungle grow ( I get at Lowes), they seem to do great in that, I dont do anything else other than fertilize and give asprin once a month.


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Right on Fly!
I asked because there are some hardy hibiscus that you can grow in your zone 4 garden!
Look up Southern Belle and Disco Bell! They dies down at the end of the growing season and grow again in the late spring! Bloom size is 9 to 12 inches across! They should survive your zone 4 with a layer of mulch to protect them from winter weather.
They are easily started from seed sown in March/April and will grow to blooming size the first year!
I'll take some photos when mine bloom in another week!


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I give my hibiscus 2 aspirin per 1 gallon pot once a month, to help ward off fungus and root rot which hibiscus are very susceptible to. IT WORKS!!!
Just press them into the soil and water as normal.
If you need themm take some too! LOL ;)


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I was with Fly there for a minute about the asprin. Thanks Treva I never heard that before. We have the "Texas Star" AKA Swamp hibiscus that grow wild here. I am starting a grove of them from ones I am digging wild. I will do the asprin thing...for the plants;) and me as needed. I just had a huge limb from a gum tree fall and crush one of my fancy double hibiscus. Broke it right off at the ground. :( I now have lots of cuttings to root. Mixed bag of emotions.

Kya D

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I knew right away about the aspirin. I knew a lady who had the most beautiful african
violets and she used birth control pills in a weak solution to water them
Don't know why but it sure seemed to make her plants bloom like crazy


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wow didnt know about the aspirin, will have to try it on my dinner plate ones next yr. hoping they will still be in bloom when i get home

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