Lots and lots of peppers

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I'm a bit of a pepper geek, and I do enjoy growing lots of different varieties. This is my pepper list broken down by species.

Capsicum baccatum

1. Aji Angelo
2. Aji de la Tierra
3. Brazilian Pumpkin
4. Earbob
5. Guyana PI199506
6. Heart Throb
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Lemon Drop
9. Queen Laurie
10. Chaco Yellow
11. Ethiopian Brown
12. Aji Rojo (chileplants.com)
13. Aji Rojo (thechilewoman.com)
14. Aji Rojo (Pepper Gal)
15. Aji Cito
16. Aji Polumbo
17. Inca Berry
18. Aji Benito
19. Cobanero
20. Aji Panca
21. Bishop’s Crown
22. Dedo De Moca
23. Pilange

Capsicum chinense

1. Grenada Seasoning
2. Habanero Adalberto
3. Limon
4. Limon Grande
5. Pimiento de Chiero
6. Tobago Seasoning
7. Trinidad Seasoning
8. Trinidad Perfume
9. Caribbean Red
10. Zavory
11. Bolivian Habanero

Capsicum annuum

1. Hawaiian Sweet Hot
2. Piment 'd Espelette
3. Fish
4. Alma Paprika
5. McMahon’s Bird Pepper
6. Cherry Chocolate
7. Corno Di Toro Red
8. Corno Di Toro Yellow
9. Figero
10. Melrose
11. Tangerine (Pimento)
12. Sheepnose Pimento
13. Tequila Sunrise
14. Tolli’s Sweet Italian
15. Fruit Basket (hybrid)
16. Redskin (hybrid)
17. Mohawk (hybrid)

Unsure, probably annuum
1. BVI Pumpkin
2. Cheiro Recife
3. Permavelha


Here is my list Bell peppers and sweet mild banana pepper.
I am such a cry baby when it comes to HOT peppers.

LOL...you an me both Dawn! I love the orange bell pepper and sweet banana and will likely try to grow them again this year. I didnt have much of a blessing withthem last year.


Kya D

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Oh OK I guess I could try some different kinds and not only bells and bananas
I don't have much of a pallet for hot
But I admire any one who can enjoy the really hot peppers.


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The peppers are really good for you though as far as nutrition is concerned. And they don't have to be hot for that. I have been incorporating more of the sweet peppers into the dishes that I prepare and my daughter and son-in-law are seemingly enjoying them.


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I love peppers too! I can't take it to hot though! I have been roasting my own bell peppers lately.........I really like them that way. I am going to roast some today!
They make a sandwich yummy! I put them on a toasted cibatta roll along with some roasted zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and some provolone or mozzarella! I don't even miss the meat!
Oh OK I guess I could try some different kinds and not only bells and bananas
I don't have much of a pallet for hot
But I admire any one who can enjoy the really hot peppers.
For me part of the fun is matching peppers to the heat level that others enjoy. I'm not one of those people who thinks it's funny to slip a person a pepper too hot for their comfort level. And even in the sweet peppers there is some variety in flavors. Once I started growing Italian heirloom sweet peppers, I swore I would never go back to bells!
Flowers4Yeshua, most of those sites are using information from other sites. The mac daddy of pepper information sites these days is http://www.thechileman.org/

One of the sites you mentioned is using the descriptions from chileplants.com. I'd guess they ordered their peppers from there.

I do love peppers...I also love to make salsa...have been told though ...that my mild is what most think is hot...
Ha, yeah, heat is relative!

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