Made Headway today

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Kya D

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Yeah I finally got 20 bottles of beets pickled and got our corn in the freezer.
Now just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen
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I was a slacker this year, did salsa and spaghetti sauce, that is it. I do most of my canning and freezing in late august and sept, but I wasn't home. Now it is cooling down in PA, so don't know what I will get done yet this year.


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I haven't done anything yet either although I have all my berries in the freezer. I won't make as much salsa this year as we still have plenty on hand of Fiona's mild salsa. I'll have to do a batch of medium for David. I see he has one quart left out of the 14 that I made for him last year.


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I didn't do much due to low crop production. I do however think my sweet potatoes will produce record amounts. Dawn that's great you are just a dynamo!
My garden did'nt do well this year.I put up 24 quart of peas,4 bag's squash,12 pint's of corn,8 pint's of okra.That's about it most time's we have plenty to share with neighbor's.Just to dry this summer.


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I did manage to get us all of the salsa, tomato sauce and corn frozen or canned that we need for this next year, but compared to last year I didn't do much. With hubby travelling so much we don't use stuff much unless we have company. I did miss doing it though. I still would like to make some peach habanero jam if I can still get peaches when we get home.
Well--right now I have a pot of Bread & Butter pickles going on the stove and a roaster full of spaghetti sauce simmering in the oven. So far all I've done is 9 pts. spaghetti sauce, 1 batch mild salsa, about 2 cases garlic & onion pickles, 2 cases cold mustard pickles,about 10 qts. stewed tomatoes and about 5 cases zucchini selish. That is--besides my jams & jellies. Way low this year and not nearly as much variety---but I'm getting too old!! LOL I'm slowing down!
Still have a lot more I'd like to get done--but we'll see!LOL:)
Oh ya--also froze a few bags of corn and some shredded zucchini.
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