Making your own inexpensive potting mix

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What I use for Potting mix is... STRAIGHT COMPOST! But the stuff I'm talking about has finished it's composting stage, and broken down to the feeling of dirt. I following a gentlemen on youtube, and he plants exclusive in compost + mycorrhiza (just a tablespoon or so per plant) + rock dust. I agree with what he says, and he says we plant in mineral deficient soil anymore, so we need need to re-mineralize so I add a few tablesoons of rock dust per plant, and I've put several lbs of that stuff in my garden.

So this is how much it cost for my potting mix with just compost:
1 ton $22, however I pick it up from a local company that takes the areas green yard waste and composts it for us. Pretty sweet deal, I'm about ready to go grab another ton as I like to refill my raised beds as often as needed to make sure I'm putting back what my plants take every season.
That would work Great in a raised bed but not so good in a container garden because of no wicking action needed! But is sounds great wish i could get compost in our area!
Thanks Larry


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I add manure to my compost. Thanks for posting the link , I , like Mark, use only what I create and make from my compost. I currently have 3 bins, one finished, one resting and one working. Always something going on in the compost bins :)


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I emptied by compost bins and then refilled them with leaves. I got enough compost to cover my flower beds with 2 to 3 inches of fresh compost. I have a bin built out of 2x4's and wire and then I have the one barrel one you get to turn. I like both of them.


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I am an old fashioned composter. I have pallets that I have essentially made boxes out of pallets. 9 make 3 bins. Then I turn by hand. Tim wants to use the tiller and I won't let him because the last time I did, I killed a bunch of worms :(
Great link. It gave me a lot more confidence about my choice to use peat moss and manure nearly purely for my pots. But now I'll add some perlite, lime, and epsom salts. :)

Although I wish I had access to horse manure, I can only get my hands on that bagged steer manure sold in chains- I got it, then read some nasty articles on it afterwards. I suppose I'll be cooking it to make sure nothing nasty gets in my plants ;_;. I do have a small vermicompost going, but not enough to supply ample amounts for my pots. Just enough as a supplement. I'll probably feed them some of the manure though! lol

Any other mixes or options? Everything I find online is how to /supplement/ soil. It's really tricky to come up with pure potting mixes. I either find soil supplements or purchased potting mix supplement guides. Nothing about starting from scratch :/
You can compost or put the Guinea pig poop in the worm bin. It should be fine even directly into the garden because they are herbivores, but just in case the piggies have a bacterial issue (like guardia) I would let it rest a bit.
I'm showing my scatology penchant again here!


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You can use any manure as long as it is composted. Do you know that they even have human waste composting toilets? yes, they do. think melorganite. I do not reccomend you try this with out the proper device though ;)

Fish tank water is great too, or water from a fish pong.


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Don't know if it's available in any of your areas, but Lowe's last week at the 3 cu. moisture potting mix in the blue bag on sale. Regular price was $14.98 on sale $5.98. I loaded up....
Does rabbit manure need composting. I've been looking intoraising rabbits and all that reading points to rabbit mmanure being able to go directly in a soil mix. A few souces put it between a 10-10-10 and 7-7-7 fertilizer. The only reason i dont have a rabbit herd started yet is I don't know where to put them in my yard.
Me, I used plenty of coco dust for potting. Coco dust is really finely shredded coconut husk, although some coconut fibers may be still be present. I mix it up sometimes with aged manure or compost. But essentially, it's coco dust that's the bulk of the medium.


We use a lot of cow chicken and sheep manure in our potting soil mixes. We all so work it in to the garden as well. But if it is still worm don’t use it will burn your plants. Make sure it is good matured manure before you use it. We all so use it in our clivia potting mix’s with compost and river sand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to