march 30th is "I Am in Control Day"

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Monday, March 30th is "I Am in Control Day". What a good way to start the week and the rest of your life. Taking control of each and every day of your life is the best way to go through life's journey. When I found out I had cancer 9 years ago, I learned to try to take control. Taking one day at a time. Didn't dwell on the past but looked at every day as the beginning the rest of my life.


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Around the time I had my brain surgery Dale I learned about the Power of the LORD and how to truly live my life. I have learned to control my temper and know that I am ultimately responsible for what I do and say. You have DIE inside to Live for Christ. Less of me and More of THEE. The singles in my church are reading a book about this right now. Thank you for posting this.


Dor you are so very right. The moment I think I have control or even want to I am in trouble, becase the ultimate control belongs to God and without Him I am nothing. In Him I live and move and have my being! Giving Him control of my life is one of the best things I have ever done, my life runs so much smoother now. I learned when I had the stroke last year that I really have no conrol of my life but I know who does and to Him I give all the praise and honor and glory. If not for the love of my Lord I would not even be alive right now.
The night I had the stroke I was layin in the ICU and I was so scared I was going to die and I was praying for God to help me and I told Him the I knew the only way I would make it was through His strength and His healing...and I told Him how scared I was...and I tell you the truth I literally felt His hand come up under mine and hold my hand! I knew at that moment I was ok and that he was IN CONTROL!

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