Moss in my lawn.

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When I got my new house, the lawn was not in great condition. I got a weed and feed solution, which actually made one area of the lawn bald, because it was all weeds.

Now I am left with some nice lawn, some bald lawn which I have re-seeded, and some moss sections. My question is about the best way to kill/remove the moss.

Many thanks.


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Moss loves damp shaded areas and also require acidic soil conditions!
Remove the moss and use lime to raise the ph of the soil!
My garden gets lots of sunshine, but thinking about it, where the moss is growing is in the bits shaded by trees. Will try the lime, thanks.
Luckily, grass doesn't grow out of itself. It needs other grass to spread, or you can plant grass seeds, which you can buy from the Dryad, whcih you can get by.
My front lawn is full of moss, we have put two lots of moss killer on i spent hours making it out but it doesn't seem much better, there is still so much moss in it and now it even looks patchy.
Any tips? Should i put more moss killer on? Put some feed on the lawn? put lawn seed on?
Any help and advice would be great
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If you've been raking the moss away and applying moss killer when you are more than half way there. You just need to add the constant aeration of the lawn with a fork and consider whether its worth buying/hiring a really good scarifier.
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