Ms Treva

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Kya I do appreciate all you have done for me...and most of all your friendship is dear to my heart!
I will let you know when it arrives!:D
Your plants and bulbs will go out in this mornings mail
Keep an eye out for them


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Thank You My Friend

Kya,You are to much!
The package came today! Wow you always are so very generous!
I LOVE it all...all my favorites and now some new favorites too!
Do you know the colors of the amaryllis? If not its ok, i thought i would just check before I plant them!
You are to good to me! What can I do for you??
Thank You Thank You Thank You my scarecrow friend!

Kya D

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Ms Treva
You are so dear to me. I am touched to call you my friend.
How did the lipstick plant cuttings make the trip to MS.
I think RR ID'd your plant she put up a link to a plant that I think is yours. Check it out


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You are dear to me too Kya!!!
I Love you and truly appreciate the beauty you have added to my life!
The lipstick plant cuttings arrived in GREAT shape they are now in soil!
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