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Discussion in 'Garden Books' started by Kya D, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. katrinwert

    katrinwert New Member

    The Vegetable Gardener's Bible. By Ed. C. Smith.

    Best gardening book I have ever read. Very useful.
  2. Randy

    Randy Super Moderator Staff Member

    I was walking through one of our local stores a couple of days ago and I saw a new edition of the "Ball Blue Book of Canning". I didn't pick up a copy but I probably will. I also saw a new brand of powdered pectin (Mrs. Weges) that I am going to try. I bought a full carton as I am totally out at the present.
  3. Kya D

    Kya D Active Member

    I love the Ball Blue Book and the Kerr Canning Guide..... But for me it is the older the better. I have them from the 50's
    60's and 70's. The old ones are the ones My Mom used and they are the ones I learned from.
  4. hillview

    hillview New Member

    I love reading the Garden Primer.

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