My Pork Chop Recipe!

Discussion in 'Main Course' started by MorningGlory, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. MorningGlory

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    I thought I'd share my recipe for Roasted Tomato Pork Chops!

    3-4 Roma tomatoes diced
    Desired amount of diced green bell pepper
    1/2 tsp. thyme (dried)
    1/4 tsp. rosemary (dried)
    1/2 tsp. parsly (dried)
    1/4 tsp. basil (dried)
    4 thick pork chops
    BBQ sauce

    Warm a frying pan over medium heat, add tomatoes and peppers first. Add herbs and about 1/4 cup water and stir. Allow to cook while you trim the pork chops. Push the tomatoes to the sides, and add pork chops. Add as much of the BBQ sauce as you want. Add a touch more water if needed and cover. Cook until pork chops are nicely browned and completely cooked, adding small amounts of water when pan dries out.

    This is great with stuffing and rosemary roasted potatoes!:D
  2. Kya D

    Kya D Active Member

    That sounds sooooo tasty
  3. Wombat

    Wombat Active Member

    Yummy that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing it:)
  4. MorningGlory

    MorningGlory Member

    Your welcome! :)
  5. hillview

    hillview New Member

    Sounds delicious!Thanks for sharing I have to try it out.

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