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Discussion in 'General Garden Questions' started by PatrickX20, Oct 19, 2016.

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    I have moved to a new house and I’m getting my garden and lawn done. I want some ideas on the outdoor drainage and garden plumbing. I will be growing carrots and tomatoes so will a sprinkler system be alright? It seems that the backyard gets clogged with rain, so what kind of an outdoor drainage do you suggest?
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    Hi Patrick! Welcome to our forum.
    Your question about property drainage can be a tough one to answer, and can be quite expensive!
    *Post some photos so we can see the area you need to keep drained.

    Another possibility:
    Look up how to build drywells.
    They are similar to french drains.
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    I have an underground pipe to get rid of excess water from the garden. For this, you might need an area to discharge the water that is lower than the inlet. The drainpipe should slope downhill 1/8 inches per foot. To create the drain you will have to dig a sloping trench from the source to the outlet. Then bury a plastic catch basin at the source and connect it to the discharge with the PVC drainpipe. Since the pipe is solid you won't have to provide gravel for drainage along the length of the drainpipe. They drain water quickly if it gets clogged you could just use a drain snake to clean it. You just refer this article for more reference ( ). You could even consider having some outdoor shed to store your gardening equipment. There are a lot of benefits into getting an outdoor shed. You can store all the equipment in one spot, have a quicker access to all that you need, control clutter and improve the storage space.

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