One of these years I will learn...

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Had a great weekend, cleaned the pond (still want to keep it), then decided to fill all my flower pots. Tired of winter, it was in the upper 70's and I wanted some color. Pots look great and now I will get to haul them in and out of the garage at the end of the week to keep them from FREEZING!! :rolleyes: I know, I know, last frost date for our area is mid April. I am just too darned impatient. Wondering how much covering I will have to do to protect all the perenials that all have a great start going with the warmth we have had. Here we go again...
Hey Cheri, I had to cover my tomatoes last night. We had frost this morning. I think that was our spring fluke. I started everything a little over a month ago and had to bring in and take out and cover and uncover. It was worth it! I hope everything goes well for you.

Kya D

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We can get a spring frost routinely as late as the 10th of JUNE
We have a pretty short growing season. So we make the best of it..
Hey Kim, this is the first year I have not put my tomatoes in this early and paid for it. Maybe I am learning something...LOL! It is, what it is, I guess. I had a blast playing outside all weekend, that's what counts right?


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We're kind of slow sometines. I lost my plants twice before I figured out I can't trust those frost tables. Our frost date is April 15, but you stand a 50/50 chance of losing sensitive plants if you go by that.


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Cheri here in SC it isn't quite that warm although today is the warmest day we will have for a few. Sounds like you were on a "mission" as I like to call it. You may inspire me to get out and get some things done in my yard today.
Rule of thumb for me setting baby perennials out in pots near the house to harden off, is if they are coming up in my gardens, it's safe to start hardening them off.
It felt good to get out and play in the yard. I told myself not to get discouraged as I disgorge my linen closet out over the flowerbeds in my yard this weekend.


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OMG Cheri I can picture your garden covered with sheets. LOL I do the same thing and when I first move here people came by to ask WHY? Only gardeners understand. My neighbors think I’m nuts so sheets covering the garden doesn’t surprise them just makes them curious. LOL
My last frost date is May 15th. We have been having lovely warm days but hard freezes at night. I don't cover established perennials as they seem to fair just fine. Annuals and young perennials are a different story. Things will be keeping warm in the greenhouse for a while yet here. As we get closer to that last frost date some things will move to the cold frame before going in the ground. I can’t wait to start planting but for now just cleaning up and prepping will keep me happy.
Yea Spring.
I cleaned my pond this weekend and now its got ice on it again, I should know better our frost date is mid april but I don't plant until mid may just to be safe, by then the lawn will need cutting and a good feeding too :D
LOL @ this... Only because it sounds just like "ME" I'm just as crazy as you, I keep a extra large box in the garage full of lawn sale sheets for covering my stuff I put out to early,or plants i keep out late in the season, the neighbors call me the crazy lady..LOL...


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Yep you suffer from serious garden earlyitis! I get it too. We had an unusually hard winter so I have even a worse case than usual. I think we are safe now though no more freezes I hope. Sorry you have to haul everything back in I know what a pain it can be. On the lighter side you have gotten a jump for when the weather is finally over;) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to