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Discussion in 'Weed & Pest Control' started by Dor, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Dor

    Dor Active Member

    One of my raised garden beds is overun with pill bugs. I pulled up the rest of my collard and mustard greens today and the little bugs were everywhere. Should I leave them alone or try to get rid of them? Does anyone have a good organic remedy as I am planting veggies in this bed?
  2. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    I would use Crabbers hot pepper spray. I've used it on the plants and it won't hurt the ground. I gets rid of many critters.
  3. latebloomer

    latebloomer Active Member

    These are good bugs. They help to chew up larger pieces of waste so your worms can compost them faster. If they seem to be taking over try these tricks to control the population:
    Cut small circles out of a sour cream container at the bottom edge (big enough for a sow bug to get into) Place a half cup of cornmeal it container and snap the lid on. Set on top of bedding. You can remove the bugs every couple of days if you like. Chickens and ducks think this a fun treat if you empty the bugs into their yard.

    An upside down coffee can on top of your soil will attract sow bugs also. You can tap it out for the chickens or fill it with water and cover it to drown the bugs.

    A shallow dish filled with beer will attract sow bugs too. When placed level in the bedding, they will meet with their last hangover by drowning in the beer. This works well for snails and slugs in your garden too.
  4. Dor

    Dor Active Member

    Thanks Lyn and Cyndi. I read up a little on them and saw that they are beneficial so I will leave them alone. My yardman is back and just put a bag of compost over the bed and a bag of mulch. I will plant the bed tomorrow with cucumbers and whatever their companions are.
  5. Bannetsmith

    Bannetsmith New Member

    I have read about your problem to reduce the ratio of bugs cleaning is an important thing and you need not to much worried about it.It will take some days but you need to spray on effected area regularly and see the results after some time. Jusst wait for some time after spray.. >>
  6. Steven Michael

    Steven Michael New Member

    Here all these information which you can share over here are really great. These all are Place a half cup of cornmeal it container and snap the lid on. Set on top of bedding.
  7. Notter

    Notter New Member

    Pretty helpful information on organic bug control. I am looking for reputed pest management services which are giving heat treatment for bed bugs as I have heard that this is one of best treatments for getting rid of this bed bug problem.

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