Out of the mouth of babes

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We had our grandson all weekend and one of our activities was going to the flower festival at the farmer's market. He was helping me plant a spirea we purchased and I accidently sprayed him a little with the water hose. He put his hands on his hips and indignantly said, "Grandma, don't WATER ME! I'm not GROWING!"
Had a group of 3 year olds many years ago and was teaching them their addresses, Got a new little boy one day and went around the room to the other children and left him for last, when it was his turn and I asked him if he knew what street he lived on he thought long and hard and then confidently said "Sesame Street." How could I argue with that?


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My first granddaughter is now 3 years old. Her name is Mya. A few weeks ago I was talking to her mother (My oldest child) about my brother that lives in Las Vegas. I don't know if I said brother or not but suddenly Mya asked so excitedly "Granny you have a brodher?lol I told her yes I have 2 brothers. I called my brother Clifford to let her talk to him. After she got off the phone, I told her now you see Granny has brothers and sisters. I asked her his name, she thought and told me Cliff. He has a great memory


Beautiful pic Dor! What a little sweetheart!

A couple years ago i was doing a sunday school i my house for the kids on my block, it was pretty rough neighborhood then..so there was a few little kids that would come and I gave them coloring books with bible pictures on them and we sang kid praise and worship songs..well one day this one little boy I had been working with stayed after all the others went home and I said Seth is somthing wrong?
He said I want to pray for Jesus. I said you mean for salvation? He said yes, i said ok we can do that so i sat down and we folded our hands and closed our eyes( I peeked at him) and he prayed...and what I remember so well was when he said "Jesus I am sorry you had to die for us"...I think I about cried! It was such a touching moment. Children are so innocent:D



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Aww thanks, She's beautiful! Does she like to be in the garden with you? My grand loves the garden but hates bugs. So we have a great time until she she's a bug. Then it's over.
I have ordered on line 6 flash drives (got a great deal on 128mb's) anyway when they get here I will post a pic of Maisyn in the garden. Yesterday was her 2nd BD. I sent her a tricycle. Man do I miss that kid!
I don't know how to post a picture here in a thumbnail. Help anyone? I'd love to share a picture of Brayden. That boy is my heart!!!! Our daughter is active military and they will be leaving for Germany in October. We are very fortunate that we've been able to spend as much time with Brayden as we have. We have had him with us at least one night/day of every weekend since they came back to the states 2 years ago. We include Brayden in everything we do. He pulls up a chair and helps me make pancakes and bacon every weekend. We slay dragons in the yard, play ball, take walks, work in the garden, splash in mud puddles, make up silly songs to sing, make a lot of noise. Silly me...we probably all do that with our grandchildren when and if we can! Oh...I'm gonna cry. I don't want them to leave.

Aw, what a precious one! How old is she?

I kinda miss the days when my nephew and I hunted for T rex in the woods behind Mom's house, and set traps baited with peanut butter and herbivore sandwiches. Matilda was the best T Rex tracking dawg this side of Saskatoon, you know.


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The kids are so precious. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
I don't have any kids of my own but had my nephews and godsons alot when they were little, they are now in their 20's. The oldest godson will be 29 in June. I had him alot when he was little that he called me mommy, now I hardly ever see him and he has a little girl who will be 5 in 2 weeks. Hardly ever see any of the older ones now. The youngest godson will be coming over soon and helping me do somethings around the house. I do have a special little boy in my life, they are not all grown up yet. He is 7 and he lives next door. He is a nephew too. We spend alot of time together esp. once it gets nice out, we're outside together. I took him to get an ice cream Sun night after dinner and we got talking about telephones and why do I only have a cell as he has a phone in almost everyroom in his house. Had one in his bedroom but his mother caught him talking on the phone one night to his friend at 2am. I said really, what time did you start talking, oh about 9:30-10. He went on and on and I knew he was telling me a story as he doesn't have a phone in his room. He didn't hesitate at all in the story, if someone didn't know better they would believe it was true as he didn't have to stop and think of an answer when I asked him something. I got a chuckle out of it and my mom lost it when I told her about it. He keeps us in stitches with some of the things he comes up with.


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I'm technologically impaired, so I hope this works. He's also 3.

Mya is a 3-year old beauty, too!

He is a handsome young man. Thank you, see is my pride and joy. Yesterday I picked her and her brother up from daycare and my daughter and her brother went to the library after she got off from work. I was outside covering my tomatoes and pulling weeds. My daughter told me when she got back that she asked Mya "where is your granny". My daughter said Mya told her she is outside working. She came out for a little while to help me as she always does but the wind was too high and I sent her back in.
OK. I'm so jealous, I don't have any grand dhildren yet, ,maybe someday, Mya and Braydon, if you ever need a spare grandmamma, let me know, beautiful children Dor and Palmettogal.


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I have 6 Dawn, 4 boys and 2 girls. The boys are all older than the two girls. The youngest 2 I don't get to see very often. My son has 4 and my oldest daughter has 2. I am getting ready to make 2 little Easter dresses. I may not see the youngest granddaughter Zaraiah who is 2 and her 3 year old brother Jaylen(born on my birthday) but I still will make her dress and get their Easter baskets ready.

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Mine are 4 boys and 4 girls. They all live in the same state but I still can't see them as often as I would like to.
Little girls are so fun to make things for. Little dresses are going to be so cute.


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This is my precious little great granddaughter. She really keeps us hopping to. Our grandchildern were so wonderful but I was working when they were growing up and only had them on the week-ends. Now with Hannah we have her at least 3 days a week and usually more. She lives next door to us and she is back and forth all the time. We are like builted-in baby sitters and enjoy every minute of it.


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