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My new Pacific Northwest Photography site is now online. It features a discussion forum and photo gallery. It's only been online a couple of days, and we've already got some great photos in the gallery.

I know that at least some of you folks are from the NW and interested in photography. If so, please consider becoming a member. For that matter, anyone who is interested in photography is welcome to join!

Even if you're not a photographer, please stop by and have a look, then tell me what you think. I'm considering adding many of the same features I've installed there to this forum as well.
Bob the new site looks great. I joined. it will be great to see pictures of the PNW and all the changers that have taken place in the many years since I have lived there many years ago.


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I stopped in and joined up. I really like the place. shoul dhave more time this afternoon to look around and add a picture or two.


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Hey Bob,
Great. I just hopped over and joined. I would have posted but I am at work and can't attach a photo so I will wait until I can. Saw some great pics though. Thanks for letting us know about the site. Can't wait to get over there and really poke around;)


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Just a quick update...

My photography site is off to a good start. We've got about 50 members now, and we're starting to have some great photos posted.

The forum is slowly picking up, but that's to be expected. As we gain more members, we'll get more activity. They're not quite as talkative as this place, but then again gardeners always are a friendly bunch.

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