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Hello my name is Cody. Come spring I will start landscaping my backyard. I've never designed a yard before but thought it to be a fun challenge. Having never done one I was looking for guidance and advice. I've come up with a rendering using Sketchup that I believe to be promising. Any input will be great appreciated or design ideas of your own. My goal is to use up the grass area leaving only grass on the other side. I have far too much of it which is costly to water.



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Hi Cody!
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Your plan looks ambitious!
Need some information such as what zone you live in, and orientation of the property?
Are you planning to do this in stages over a few years, or are you planning to do this all in one year?
Since watering is an issue I'd go with a drought tolerant perennials specific for your area. There should be a lot of them specific for your area.
You may find that your water feature will cost you a lot, especially in maintaining water levels and treatments to prevent algae growth, not to mention the power used to circulate the the waterfalls.....I'd rethink the size of the water feature....
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Looks like your doing good work there Coby.

The only advice I have is to create good hydration for your soil and trees.

I have been do so gardening, helping a friend and planted so shrubs a fried trees and dug big holes and added sand to the mud soil put. Plumbing pipe down to feed roots with water and fertilisers if needed, used sugar cane at the floor level of the hole one foot thick.

Some pics for you.


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