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For those of us in cooler climes, peonies are a lovely alternative to the lush tropical plants warmer climates can grow - no, not the same, but gorgeous flowers, nice foliage, and some of the most heavenly scents!

So far I have several and am always finding more I "must have".
A neighbor gave me this lucious beauty
which he thought was either Felix Crousse or Edulis Superba - and I have several others
sorbet, which has the most amazing scent -
Imaculee, a delicate creamy white, more which haven't bloomed just yet and more being added all the time.

This past fall I added Pink Parfait, Moonstone, Gardenia, Barrington Belle, Santa Fe, a double red and Top Brass. I am SO looking forward to Spring and the growth of these lovelies ....

Which peonies do you grow? ;)
Hey Dizzy, of course I love peonies...they are soooooo smelly...yum!! I can't wait for the one you sent me to bloom this spring!! I also planted a couple singles that I am really excited about. Here are some of mine.
I loved seeing your peonies. I have a couple of old fashioned but every year the Rose Chafers decimate them. Still their foliage stays on and makes a nice statement in the garden when other plants are blooming.
Ron, I planted one yellow tree peony, but it didn't do much this past year. Just hoping it comes back up in the spring. We'll see. They look delightful, but are kind of pricey. So far my good luck has been with the herbacous types.

Mel, I love yours too! That solid white one on the right end is a knock out! Happen to know it's name? ;) I tend to really go for the showy doubles & bomb types, but the Santa Fe is a single and I really like it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Gardenia does this next season. The scent on it is supposed to be fabulous! *keeping fingers, legs, toes crossed!* I happened to find it at Gilbert H Wild & sons - on sale!! Just love a good sale! :D
#10 better be good or Kym will forward you the christmas present I sent her!! Whats a girl got to do to get some respect around here!!! LOL!! Brat....gobble gobble!!!
I was so bummed because that coral one is sold out for 2008 then I just remembered....duh!!! will be for 2009. I gotta get that one!!! DizzyDaffodil, did you suck my brain out my ear with your evil turkey baster!!! Give it back!!
Dizzy, I dont think mel would smell quite like a flower...she is just a bit stinkier...(tee hee)

Hey, I can regift and send my present to Dizzy...esp since from what I hear, it is a real DOOSIE...

I can regift and send my present to Dizzy
Oh no flwrs! I couldn't POSSIBLY accept! :eek: Did I mention Mel wanted me to send the baster to YOU? :D

Hey Mel, you notice how someone named for a skunk calls YOU stinky?? LOL!!!!
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the baster ???? I am not the one with turkey lips...:eek:

hey, my name has NOTHING to do with a skunk...:(

It means I shall grow flowers 4 ever...:p

atleast I am not Dizzy...nor do I have squashed Daffodiles..ha ha

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