Pictures of Your Christmas Decorations

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I love seeing pictures of everyones homes decked out for Christmas. Lets post pictures of all our Christmas decorating, Christmas trees,indoor and outdoor decorating. I will post pictures as soon as I start the decorating.
Nice pics mare I love the tall snow man. Is he wooden? I haven't set anything up as of yet but I guess I should start soon. As soon as I do I will post some pics
I'm not sure we will get anything put up for Xmas as Charles has been roofing the porch and all the tools and parafanalia are all over the living room. Guess I will just enjoy everyone else's
Maggie your Christmas Village is beautiful
Lady Hawthorn at least santa will have a nice firm roof to set his sleigh down on. Get out a can of red and green spray paint and paint all his tools to give your living room a festive look---then run and hide. lol
Lyn your Christmas tree is very pretty and the crystal snow flake is beautiful!! Where in Ireland did you go. I have family in Longford.
Thanks for sharing


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Swingy we flew into Dublin. It rained the whole time we were there so we didn't see much. Then we drove through the Wicklow Mts. on our way to Waterford. From Waterford we went to Kinsale, Kenmare, Dingle, Kinvara, and finally to Shannon. We would stop and take pictures anytime we saw something pretty. I took over 1000 pictures on that trip. We saw so many castles. We stayed in the swanky Dormoland Castle near Shannon. It was a fun week We saw the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, and the coast around the south end of the country.
Our next big trip is going to be 2 weeks in France. We will fly into Paris and drive around in the North of France. Our oldest daughter is going to plan this trip also. We stay in B&B's and have a great time.
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Lynn 1000 pictures!!! --- there are really very many beautiful sites in Ireland. I am hoping one day to get there. While I was in England I tried to get to Ireland but there seemed to be a reason preventing me from getting there at that time. Every ridiculous thing that could go wrong went wrong as I was attempting to make the journey. I heeded the warnings and turned back to spend the rest of my vacation in England.
Your daughter is a great travel planer, you should have a wonderful time in France.


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Yeah I love digital photos. You can take a 1000 pictures on a couple of little cards and still get one or two good ones. I have had a good time with those pictures. I made a movie with them and a calendar and a photo book. I like looking at them and remembering all the castles we saw and all the places we went. In 2010 we will do France. Wonder how many pictures I will get there?


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What great Spirit! Nice village, can I move in??
I am a little behind you guys. I got some outside lights up on Turkey day. Last weekend I started with indoor decs. No one helps me so it takes forever and I just don't have the spirit yet. As with every year I have to get the glue gun out and reattach parts , but maybe this weekend I can get done , get myt tree up. We are having a semio formal get together on the 20th. I have to be done by then. I'll take and post some pics on Sunday if I have time.


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Crabber in years past I was the one doing all the work. Now hubby is taking over some of it as he is retired now and beginning to help more around the house. Our tree is a pre-lit one but one strand was out. I changed every bulb in the string trying to get it to work. I gave up and hubby found the bulb and got them working he also got the ones out side working. I was thinking about just buying a new strand and tossing them. Hubbys can be a good thing if they want to be.
The reason I'm not putting our tree up this year is because it was pre-lit. The 1st year the top went out, 2nd year the middle went out and the 3rd year the bottom went out. Last year we put blue and white lights on it. I started taking the old lights off of it and what a pain!!!!!!!!. So half of them are still on it. So Santa is our
I put up my tree yesterday, just a little one and it took about as long to decorate it as it did the big trees. I guess editing out all but the best to put on the little one. I took some pictures bet when I tried to down load them on the computer I get a pop up warning that said " Catastrophic event " I don't think that is a good thing, but I don't know what to do about it. Should I uninstall the program and then reinstall from the disc??? Help!!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to