Planting on a hill or bank

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A big question no matter where you go is how and what to plant on that hill or steep bank.

Well, you can plant just about anything without washouts.

Prepare your site like always.............

Now, if you purchase plants, trees, shrubs, remove them from the nursery container, cut out the bottom and cut the container in 2 pieces (cutting up and down).

Place your plant in the hole and put the pot (collars) around your plant, leaving it a couple of inches above the ground.

Once your plant is established, feel free to remove the collar. The collar/pot works to hold water and prevent erosion.

When planting seedlings or small plants, use paper cups. Cut out the bottum , cut a slit down the side of the cup and nature will take care of the rest.

By the time the paper falls apart, your plants should be well established.

Any questions?

I have a little steep bank it always grows over with grass and weeds hard to cut would love something to grow there to choke out the weeds.
Here is some information for planting on a slop:

Slop Standards
Slop ratio is defined as simply the amount of drop per horizontal per foot. the maxium ratio to grow plants on a slop is 2:1, while lawns are 3:1

________________6ft___________________measure out
l horizontaly
if the drop is more, then a retaining wall is called for.
Ron I love this hint of using the the containers to hold every thing in place until the plants are established
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