Planting pots for the deck.

Discussion in 'Annual Flowers' started by lynpenny, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    It is nice to go out but am having a time finding some snapdragons to plant this year. I'm trying seeds but nothing has sprouted yet. We have petunias and geraniums planted and also a black foot daisy. Still trying to find the snapdragons and then maybe I'll be done.
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  2. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    Finally found some seeds and got them sprouted. They are behind most of the plants but will catch up later.
  3. RonsGarden

    RonsGarden Super Moderator Staff Member

    Can't wait to see how your planters look! Please post pics!!

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