Popcorn Corn issue!

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Hello everyone.
This years weather was a bust. It destroyed all my sweet and yellow corn and stunted my popcorn. I saved one popcorn plant(oriville) by growing it in a large pot and fertilized it with a stunted, yet tassel producing, walmart brand popcorn. I have 5 ears growing. 2 of them tiny, the rest are small but I have one big ear! But that ear was starting to feel soft, like the kernels was gone. Curious and concerned, I peaked open the ear to see what was going on. There was unripe kernals but I found a orn ear worm in the hulls(made a good snack for my lizards though). To make things worse, there was this weird brown paste substance in the ear that resembled sugarcane. Worried, I checked the other ears and another one has the brown gunk inside, no earworms though. I smelled and even tasted the gunk. It doesn't have an odor or taste.

Can anyone tell me what this is? Is my only chance of having corn this year ruined? Thanks for any answers! I was soooo looking forwards to having a large corn harvest this year. I actually cried when my crops went down. Really sucks.

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