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Ok folks I got the ok from Bob to go ahead with this invite. It would be great if we could reach out to all our friends from other sites we have spent time at and invite them to stop by here. the problem is even though we have developed friendships with our gardening friends we failed to acquire email addys from all the folks. At one site I was a member of (and a lot of folks here were also from that site), there was a Christmas card and spring post card exchange. I would love to send out post cards to the folks on the list I still have and let them know we are gathering here. The problem is this can cost a couple bucks and being out of work right now means money is short. So if any one who was on the exchanges would like to jump in and defuse the postage expense it can be fun. We are limiting this to members who were on the exchange list so as not to have the folks receiving the post card invites feel that we are abusing their right to privacy by supplying their home address to other people. The exchanges contained about 30 to 35 people so if 5 or 6 people jump in it will mean each of us sending out only 4 or 5 post cards. Bob suggested we organize this via email, so if you want to participate please PM me and I will give you my email address and we can get this invite rolling.


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Send me a list of the people and I will let you know the ones that I have contacted so we don't contact them again
I just sent an email out to a couple of people that i found emails for.


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I have invited nancy best and of course randy. I'll send an email to marie krause also. Let me know who to send to.


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I'm in. I can eiter send stamps to someone for cards or you can share some address for the cards. Most all my buds I have eiter e-mail or phone numbers for. Let me know how I can help
Thanks Craber, laurie has the list and is going to check off who she contacted. If you have email addresses please do send out an invite.
I sent emails to :
Lisa Simpson
dyney gills
Jennifer Person
Jenny Spray
Jerri gualls
Judia Deal
and a few others .


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I was wondering if that was our old Anne? Cool I'll have to give her a shout!
I have to wait till I get home to look at my book but I'm sure I can add to the list
I see that Whit has include a link to us in his daily mailings of "What Whit Has Learned" Thank you so much Whit, I know there will be a flood of folks coming in, in the near future from that mailing.
Jules I did manage to fix the tiltle but I cann't seem to delete the second thread by the same title. If you know how to do it please let me know
You should be able to delete any thread that you have posted --- having said that, I think there was a later version of this format that timed out a post that could be deleted after the designated time frame. Guess that is something we need to find out from Bob as to what this version offers members.


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