Prayer Requests

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We need to have a prayer request thread as it was a big hit before. Remember just prayers.

I've got a request.
Please pray for a friend that is having a tube put down this throat today as he's been having some problems. Not sure what it's called. Hope it all goes well for him.


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I will do that. I think we all need to pray for Herbyanne. She is still not back 100% from the stroke she had. She can't seem to remember how to hook up her webtv or maybe she can't who knows. Marie still talks to her and she says she can carry on a conversation now. Miss her and think about her often.
i will do that. I think we all need to pray for herbyanne. She is still not back 100% from the stroke she had. She can't seem to remember how to hook up her webtv or maybe she can't who knows. Marie still talks to her and she says she can carry on a conversation now. Miss her and think about her often.
i'm proud to hear someone knows how herbieanne is doing i think of her often


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I think of her often too. I knew Marie stayed in contact with her.
Hope she is doing better and has a nice place to live. Hopefully Marie will let us know


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A word about this topic...

OK, some of you may be wondering how we can possibly have a "prayer requests" topic when one of the forum rules is no religous discussion and no political discussion.

The reason this topic is OK is that it's not about religion. Nobody is debating whether their personal beliefs are better than somebody else's. It's also non-denominational, in that it simply says "prayers", which can be offered to the deity or higher power of your choice. You do not have to be of any certain belief to participate.

So, since the topic does not exclude anyone, and it does not divide members up into various parties of "you vs me", it's perfectly fine. The question was asked before the topic was started, but I thought I'd also mention it here, to be sure everyone understands.

So glad this is here too.
I will be remembering everyone, sad to hear herby is not doing so great.
A little prayer for me as I am slowly getting over a bad sinus infection, hope to be back at work on Friday with a voice so I can do my job - call center rep. Thanks
It is great to see some ''new'' old faces!! I will say a little prayer that some of us, who had lost track of each other when GE went under.. are able to find each other again.

Praying for Mainegal's pal, Ladyhawthorne and HerbyAnn as well:)


Prayers going up for all those in need.........

I was also thinking of Herby the other day, wondering how she was...glad to hear someone keeps in touch with her.

God Bless.....


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Please pray for my dad, I just got home from taking him to the ER this afternoon. Here is the email that I just sent my cousin about it

My dad will be around on friday for sure
just got back from bringing him to mercy care in westbrook
he called me about 3 and i could barely hear him he said come help me
i drove up there , expecting to see him on the floor or something
he was standing in the kitchen, side of his face was bloody, he had a baseball size lump on his hand that was all bloody
i said what happened, he fell down the bank and hit his throat on a rock i guess so lost his voice
i said come on we are going to the emergency room
took him to the one in westbrook as i wasn't sure if he hit his head real bad or not and didn't want to chance driving in town
he has some soft tissue injury to his throat and neck so we have to watch his breathing for the next 12-24 hrs and if he starts to have problems to call 911
has to keep his hand elevated and iced and will wrap it up tomorrow for him. Have to make him an ice collar out of a tube sock to put around his neck
he will be sore tomorrow and black and blue from head to toe
thankfully no broken bones

I wasn't sure what I was going to find once I got to his house.I put him in my truck and had to come back home and get my purse and off to the er we went. Tried calling my mom at work but she had left, called my brother as my dad wanted me to tell him that he couldn't go to my 6 yr old nephews hockey game tonight. finally got ahold of my mom once she got home and she came to the er. Guess he was trying to throw a branch down the bank and he tripped, he's lucky that he didn't knock himself out. I would of never looked over the bank for him or my mom wouldn't have either. She would of thought that he was upstairs on the computer or working on the john deere puzzle that he's making for my nephew for christmas


Oh my goodness Mainegal.............thats terrible......sure hope he comes along keep us posted.
Prayers and thoughts are with you...........


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its great that someone is in touch with herbyanne......hope she gets to the 100% mark soon.

Lady, what call center???? I work PT at a bus place, and we have a call center too!!!
Goodness Laurie - that is a horrible thing that happened to your father - thankfully he was ok enough to phone you. It is scarey what can happen in an instance. Luckily you were home.....take good care of him as I know you will.
I so often think of all the wonderful gardening folks that have crossed my path over the past few years and am thankful for their friendshops and do pray that all is good with them. It is nice to have so many here now - and hopefully more will check in as time goes on.


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Thanks everyone. My dad still has no voice and it hurts to swallow. We are getting him to eat a little soft food. He wants to go see his regualr doctor tomorrow. He's not as sore as we thought he would be today. He didnt go to Thanksgiving dinner as he can't talk or eat. I'll have to go finish his puzzle for him so it's ready for Christmas as I'm not sure when he will be able to get back to it. It's a John Deere puzzle and my sil will glue it and my dad is giving it to my nephew for christmas to hang on his bedroom wall as his bedroom is all J.D. stuff.
My friend found out that he needs to have his gallbladder out and I'm not sure how the thing down his throat came out yet. His blood pressure is high too, told him he's got to relax and stop letting everything worry him.
Hope every thing get's better Laurie.. And Dad is back to good health very soon. So glad you were able to hear his call. Prayers for Dad and you family.

And Prayers for all that is battling some health problems.Hope everything will be better soon.

I have a Prayer request. My son's unit will start deploying out Sunday, and ask everyone to keep there unit and all military soldiers in your thoughts and Prayers.My son won't deploy until December 12th,His 3rd. deployment since 2003, He has to make sure all the gear is sent out and on it's way for the troops.They will go to Afghanistan this time.And Prayers for all the returning troops in Ft Champbell Ky, and all over the states. They do appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend all of you sweet gardeners, Linda.


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Update on my dad
My mom took him back to the er on Fri am as his other arm and hand was really bothering him. Come to find out,he sprained it really bad and he got call yesterday from the dr that he has ligament damage in that arm and needs to go see a specialist.
Please keep him in your prayers. He has both hands wrapped up.
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