Pumpkin seeds sprouting inside pumpkin??

Discussion in 'Vegetables' started by Scarez, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Scarez

    Scarez New Member


    I have never seen this before
    . I'm cleaning out my wonderful little pie pumpkins and saving the seeds, and SOME, okay, MANY of these seeds are already sending out ROOTS!!


    Does this mean I need to put those guys in dirt, like, immediately??
    Do I keep them moist to save them? Seems really EARLY to start plants NOW.

    HELP, I need advice!
  2. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey there Scarey. This is a very common occurance ( in a lot of fruits and veggies)especially when conditions are just right, heat humidity and such. This is a natural process of re-seeding and decomp. The veggie is fine to eat and the seeds are a great bonus. So what to do. As you are aware pumpkins grow and take over areas of even the largest size. And yes you are correct as it is not the right time, however you can plant your sprouting seeds if you have an area protected from frost and freeze. If not toss them in the compost and maybe just maybe they will survive. The other seeds, you can save or also toss in the compost and by gosh in the spring you will have sprouting pumpkins. My son and hubbs used an old pumpkin for target practice and the seeds that got scattered are sprouting! Not in the right place but none the less free pumpkins!
  3. Flower4Yeshua

    Flower4Yeshua Super Moderator & vegemm Staff Member

    you can take a drive up here with your little sprouts and we can plant them in the greenhouse....When we were in Sacramento and would find this we just put them in at the edge of the compost and covered them with straw...come spring they were growing and a head start on the plants...but not sure where you are they would survive....
    but for next year as you have a small space for your veggies...you might want to grow things up such as your pumpkins...on a fence...
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  4. Gloria

    Gloria Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wow..I don't know much about pumpkins but I'd take a chance of planting a couple in a container inside and maybe transplant them in the Spring.
  5. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good luck! It could end up like the pink cuban squash I had. I sent seeds to a friend in Alask and she planted them in her green house. They took over. LOL Keep us posted on how they do!
  6. Flower4Yeshua

    Flower4Yeshua Super Moderator & vegemm Staff Member

    I remember that little pinky...alwasy makes me think twice about squash plants.
  7. Kale

    Kale Guest

    *LOL !!!
    I don't believe I have ever read or heard of such a thing! If I did read it it sure didn't register*LOL
    Do you have a picture!!!!!!! This is just too interesting....
    You actually see roots! No way!!!*lol

    When can you set your seedlings out safely?
    Here is the 1st week of June; way too early.Can plant sooner if you watch and cover and pray.

    Ok Now..Crabber, How do you know of this, have you personally seen this too!???
    Or where did you read or find out??
    Inquiring mind here needs help!:eek::eek:
    Yes, Crabber, I remember PINKY! Crazy squash indeed!*LOL!
    What other veggies / fruit!! Crabber??
    Flower4Yeshua, you actually saw this too!!!??
    he he he he.

    I want to see:D:D!Someone, anyone!! (smile) Scarez, take a pic!!!!!!!!!!

    Crabber, can this occur here in MI. !?? (confused)

    Kale (cheese smile)
  8. Flower4Yeshua

    Flower4Yeshua Super Moderator & vegemm Staff Member

    Yes dear I have actually seen this...LOL...you do bring a warm smile to my heart...not only in pumpkins but in a few different types of winter squash...Now have to say never thought of taking a picture...but for my dear the next time it will be my first task...:)
  9. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    I thought I was the only one that remembered Pinky! LOL that squash made it's way literally around the world! Sometimes I forget how long some of us have actually been together.

    Kale yes I have had many veggies and fruits begin reproducing within
    themselves. Don't think I have any pics but it is most common in squashes, melons even tomatoes and peppers do this. It has a few rules for this to happen, 1 is moisture, the other is heat, and of course a healthy fruit. Usually you see the sprout fronm the seed itself, I have never had any that grew leaves as I would imagine the fruit would be well past it's point of use and on to the compost. Next time I get one I'll take a pic and post for you. I have also had beans sprout on the vine. I don't see why it would not happen in MI especially if you have fruit that might be stored inside during winter. If you bring a pumpkin in from outside where it has been chilled and leave sitting on the counter for a couple weeks it is very possible you would have seeds sprouting.
  10. Papa2mykids

    Papa2mykids New Member

    Hey Kale,

    Yes it even happens here in Michigan. Besides squash or pumpkins, I've had it occur within peppers as well.

    If you can't plant them right away, they are no good as they will die so don't save that seed.

    SW Oregon, What kind of winter do you get?

    If you can keep them protected, they may survive.

    Might be fun to try.

  11. Kale

    Kale Guest

    Crabber...I will have a pic to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one sproutling that I just saw will take a pic! have to go see if there are more!!!
    Ill be back!!!!!!!!!
    Unbelievable I wonder if I just didn't notice before!!!!!!!!! Maybe ..because my daughter usually cleans them ...I'll be back need to get the pumpkin ready for PIES!

    This is just too interesting! Gotta go My daughter is pulling me cack to the kitchen!*LOL

    See I'm easily amused..*ROFLMBO!!
  12. Kale

    Kale Guest

    Yeah right cack to the kitchen a little off on the keyboard huh*lol
    Im back and just read..

    Flower4Yeshua, Why thank you:D!
    Glad I cause your heart to smile :)
    Can you still take a pic I would always love to see it!

    Crabber, it was November of 2002 I met several Friends that are here! 7years ago!!:D
    I started my first posts in houseplants where I was helped by Whit,my plant had scale ..new palm plant (Timothy was his name!) I wanted to know exactly what what was under that hard shell I couldn't stand not knowing.. so I stuck it under the microscope... I did have an infatuation with critters before then because I enjoyed playing spy with my daughter when she was real little.couldn't afford the glass strips so we just started putting all sorts of stuff under to see.When we exhausted our curiosity with stuff I came up with back of leaves...so we use to take leaves and look at what was on their undersides using her microscope..Unbelievable!

    Yes, it has been a while... I almost remember all that we were through.Wonderful friendships.I do remember everyone's kind words and helpfulness always.:D

    No way tomatoes!
    I can hardly believe it!
    Please do take a pic ! I was telling my little Kitty I couldn't imagine tomatoes or peppers but it would be interesting to see!

    I have left my toms on my window sill until it got real old.Never had a sprout!*lol
    I did see live bugs in a pepper that we bought and it had no holes of entry what so ever.It must have borrowed in then (pepper) healed itself as it matured!
    That flipped me and a clean pretty sweet potato with a few YUKKKS
    alive in it... that was pretty curious but too gross for me.

    Excellent Crabber!
    Here is my seedling! My little Sproutling!! Only found one. told m little Kitty she is to look for sproutlings she thinks the White Jackets are coming she advised me to hide in the closet!

    Papa2mykids, is that right? peppers...
    I'm in Wayne County

    Kale(smilin' )
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  13. deck chucker

    deck chucker New Member

    I've gotten tomatoes before that had sprouting seeds inside. I never saved them because I didn't think they'd produce decent plants or fruit anyway.

    Shooting the pumpkins made me laugh.
  14. Mainegal

    Mainegal Super Moderator Staff Member

    I remember PINKY!!!!!!
  15. Scarez

    Scarez New Member

    Thanks so much. WOW, I remember Pinky too!! Weird how some things come flooding back to that one memory cell.

    I hope to get pictures on the computer today. I did take them! Family and body pain seem to keep getting in my way...
  16. Scarez

    Scarez New Member

    We have all four seasons here, cold or nice, lol (light snow today)

    I've put a couple in dirt inside and some in dirt outside along the edge of my compose like Deb said, but I don't have straw anymore, so I covered 'em with leaves. That might work.
  17. Flower4Yeshua

    Flower4Yeshua Super Moderator & vegemm Staff Member

    you should keep us posted as time goes along...will be interesting to see what may work for you dear.
  18. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    See I told you! Sometime we just pass by freaks of nature without ever giving them a second thought. I remember when you were looking through your scope at all those critters. I was so envious that you had all the time to do those cool things. I just thought I didn't have time then, now I really don't have time. Good pic, especailly for those who have never seen. I joined GG in 1998 I think it was somewhere close to there as that was when I first got internet service so it has been a very long time we have been together. Wow this is great!

    Pinky! LOL! That darn squash had a life of it's own for sure. Hey we should Google that (Pinky the suqash) and see if any of the old post are still hanging around. I guess you were one of the first I met on GG and of course Bob and Jackie. Wow that was a long time ago. We need a reunion thread!
  19. Kale

    Kale Guest

    Crabber..Give me a list of bugs to look at under the scope! I can scope then as I find them! Anyone special you would like to see?
    Actually I have a light cap (Ceiling light shade thingy) full of naturally dead bugs sitting on my desk as I write. I have had them since Nov25th sitting there*LOL
    It just takes me so long to play with the scope I don't want to miss anything so I keep waiting for when I can really enjoy the view and research those I don’t know. I know there are a few I have been trying to catch whole*LOL
    *LOL I have about 25+ pics of the bedroom one and the other I still have on my desk from my study.
    I have been waiting for the time to scope them. I have all kinds of pest that I have been aching to see but were always squooshed by me. These my Dear may be good although............... my MIL put her cup in the cover and squooshed a few and tangled a few.grrrrrrrrrrrrr.. She is oblivious of her surrounding at times...

    I may have some old pics and movies, although I did loose a lot of my saves when the power went out, with a back up battery and all. Actually I think it is called a brown out when lights are on just real dim for days.

    Go Ahead Start a reunion thread!

    Sorta like an up to date interests and news like weddings babies, grand babies and moving and change of names*LOL

    All the Best, Kale :)
  20. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am not sure some of my buggy friends that live in my house I would "Want" to see!:eek: I will rely on you to post what you think are the best. That way I don't have to dream about them in "my" house :D
    Your on for the reunion thread if someone else hasn't already started it!

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