Ready for the county fair...

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Dave I am extremely impressed with your website. Well done my friend. All the recipes look great. My favoriteis the last one Barbecue Deer Ribs. I do my pork ribs a lot like your recipe. Reading those recipes sure made me hungry.
Oh yes Dave, we can share links to personal web pages. I think the only links we can't share are those for monetary profit.
Your marinade is so simple I was sure you were holding out!!! I'll give it a try next time we make jerky..thanks.
Gloria, go VERY EASY on the soy sauce. A little goes a long way... It (the marinade) will taste strong, but what I do is start with perhaps a half cup of catsup, and then add no more than a tablespoon of soy sauce if even that... Stir is in well and taste... You are looking for the catsup to overwhelm the soy sauce NOT the other way around... I then add salt until I can taste it as well... The volumes are different every time because of the differing amounts of meat, so I just wing it... For what it's worth, catsup is the only seasoning I use in my stews as well... All the spices blend beautifully and taste noting like catsup once cooked ...


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Ahhh, thank you so much Dave, that gives me an idea of how much to start with. I'm one that doesn't do a lot of measuring either, it's a taste and go thing with me too...which is why I can't share some of my recipes. I don't know how to post that I use a pinch of this or a shake of that and just a put enough of such and such to flavor! I see a few recipes on your site that I would like to try..just the pic you posted makes me hungry!!


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PS..I'll pass on the bear recipes..I guess it's just what you're ..(I know I sound really country here)....what you're raised on.. as to what you prefer to set on your supper table. Just for conversation...I will pass on bear, possom, racoon and rabbit. Oh..and squirrel, although.. when I was a child, we had lots of fried squirrel and squirrel perlow (the meat cooked and bogged in rice.) Hubby likes rabbit but I just can't get passed those cute liitle faces....


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Dave, you sound like a good man to have in camp. I don't go much any more, but my role was the camp cook also. I have to say though that I have had as much fun as the people that were out doing the hunting. My favorite time was sitting around the fire at night and breaking out the books written by Pat McManus. We had to have a couple of his stories read every evening. The heavy stuff came after that and we had some awfully good sharing among all of us around the fire like that. I know with the people that you go with, you probably have similar times.
Don't see much use in starting a new thread since the pictures at the top of this thread are of everything I took... Today I entered my canned goods and jerky in the fair, and tomorrow the vegetables to out... I'll take pics of the veggies and they will be on a similar thread in the vegetable section later or early tomorrow... Dave
Sooo sorry it's taken me so long to post this... Here is how I did this year...

Tomato Juice ---------- Blue ribbon
Salsa ------------------ Blue ribbon
Relish ----------------- Second place
Canned Venison ------- Third place
Beets ------------------ Third place
Venison Jerky ---------- Third place

Didn't do quite as well as last year, but I have already fancy packed a beautiful jar of whole beets and a quart jar of whole tomatoes for next year... Under the "vegetables" topic area I have posted how I did in that department... Dave
Well, here they bee, such as they bee! See? :D This pic includes my granddaughters things in the 10 and under age class on TV tray sans the items that don't hold up for a week such as carrots, beets etc...

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