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Just curious as to how many of us are avid recylers...I can probably pick a lot of you out due to many conversations here.
We watched Al Gore's movie and I am now considering taking classes in environmental studies. I got my son converted to recycling now, and he agrees with me that it is a habit. Noone in our neighborhood recycles, but then, I haven't had them for a party yet. Our last frost date has changed 11 days in 9 years, this is not good. We have had numerous get togethers with other transferees to our area and I am number one on the recyling program. I have also talked with the president with hubbies company about it extensively. He has actually appointed someone to look into making the kitchen there environmentally friendly. I am really on the bandwagon with the one. I want my grandbabies and their babies and so on to have a world to live in. Hubby wants me to get out of the house more, but that is just more wasted money and environment if I don't have to go. I should get a bike again.
I think that all of this should have started many years ago. I like Obama, I hope that he can focus us to do what is right.

Sorry, this is a biggie for me


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No need for sorry Jade, as this is a ''biggie'' for many of us. I've recycled for years, we have separate bins for all recyclables here. I often go around the neighbourhood on the designated days when the local council picks up all your ''umwanted'' material. I often come home with a car load after checking everyone's different piles of ''junk''. ''One man's trash is another man's treasure". I also garden organically and use permaculture methods to try and lessen my own carbon footprint on the world, go for it kiddo!:)


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I'm big on recycling too Jade,no need to be sorry. If I have something that I don't need anymore, I give it to Goodwill or put it on freecycle instead of in the trash or use it in the garden.
WE have recycling in our town and they pick up once a week. We don't have big trash pickup so I can't go thru peoples
I am also into recycling. When I first moved into this complex there was no recycling program in place for the tenants. I questioned the management and he claimed that because we were such a large private building the town didn't provide for our recycling and told him to have the tenants trash everything. That sounded like a bunch of bull to me. After a call to the township I was informed that recycling was required for all who lived here, the only difference was that being a private building the owners had to pay for private trash hauling and also had to pay for removal of recycled items by a hauling company. After my phone call the Township recycling folks made a visit to the management and informed them that they were in violation and had to provide for recycling. There are 150 families here and that was a lot of recycling stuff just going into the land fill because the management didn't want to pay the extra bucks. We now have a recycling program in effect.
Niki has a program to where you send them your old shoes and they recycle the rubber to be made in to playground equipment and send you a discount coupon for their product.
I love seeing all the things that are made from recycled items.
I'm a big recycler! We have only a so-so program here with trash pick-up, so I try and recycle on my own, some. For example, they won't pick up glass at curbside, so I save all mine and take it to a recycling center. I also use reusable shopping bags, and try and buy from the bulk bins to avoid excess packaging. When I can't avoid plastic bags, I try and find a second use for them, like as a trash bag.

I'm making a lot of efforts to be greener in general, buying a gas efficient car, energy star appliances, and growing organically; and it amazes me how many people disparage my efforts. It's like if I succeed, they might have to try, too.
I saved an old wooden fence today. Someone was getting rid of it to put up new. They were putting it out at the curb so we grabbed it up and helped take down the rest of it. I try to recycle and reuse everything I can.


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LOL! I am the freak that goes behind you and diggs through the garbage to put the stuff in the recycle bin. My son is huge on recycling to the point he tries to find an absolute use for something before it goes to the recycle bin. My husband said he got tired of my digging through the kitchen garbage so he has complied with my request to the point he leaves it on the floor next to the garbage so I can sort it. Which is ok with me. I have 3 bins and I sort it for the truck, we really actually have a lot because I scan everthing for recycling.
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I will admit that once I thought that "general recycling" was a big waste of time but back in Dec., I began working for a place that recycled. ( part-time ) - ( yes,it is alot of work and very,very tiring ) I have changed my ways of thinking about recycling from those days of yesteryear and even though working at a recycling plant is alot of work,I feel that it's also playing a huge part in litter prevention too. ( maybe working at a recycling plant helped me realize the other side of the coin some too ) :p
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LOL! I am the freak that goes behind you and diggs through the garbage to put the stuff in the recycle bin. My son is huge on recycling to the point he tries to find an absolute use for something before it goes to the recycle bin. My husband said he got tired of my digging through the kitchen garbage so he has compled with my reg=quest to the point he leaves it on the floor next to the garbage so I can sort it. Which is ok with me. I have 3 bins and I sort it for the truck, we really actually have a lot because I scan everthing for recycling.
When we have company I tell everyone to let stuff sit instead of putting it in the trash. The Europeans and Canadians are very good with the recycling, but it mostly my family who are throwing things away. We have a garbage disposal, so even all of the kitchen scraps aren't put into the landfills. It is one small way I can help the earth.
If everyone helped in a small way it would sure help things out.
Here in NY we're required to recycle and have been for years. The glass, metal and plastic goes in one bin, all paper/magazines/books go in another and cardboard is separate. We have leaf pick up in the fall, I compost so don't bag leaves. I'd be very careful going through trash, once almost cut a finger off on the lid of a metal can. OUCH!
I recycle too.
I'm trying to get to zero garbage as we don't have trash pickup and its a drag to go to the dumps. I'm getting pretty adept with the organic waste. If we don't eat it, I pass it to the critters (ducks,chickens,rabbits,rats or dog) and if its not fit for them it goes to the worms.
My recycling pet peeve is the hard "bubble" packaging!
I take the glass,aluminum and plastic to a recycling center. Any paper or cardboard goes into my compost pile.
“My recycling pet peeve is the hard "bubble" packaging!” Mine too! I've even written to Safeway about them packaging their sliced cheeses in those. I use the hard plastic lids in my craft room. I try to be aware of what things are packaged in when I shop. I never throw anything away if it has any life left in it. I take everything to Goodwill I think someone else might be able to use and I shop there as well. I try to reuse everything at least once before getting rid of it. I reuse plastic containers that cottage cheese, sour cream etc. comes it until they fall apart. I am teased that most people have Rubbermaid but I have a complete set of cottage cheese and Cool Whip containers. When the lids crack I use the container in the garden, green house or craft room if I can. We don't have a recycling program here so I take what I can to the recycling center. We don’t take the paper but we get the ads once a week. My neighbor collects news paper, magazines and cardboard to be recycled so if it doesn’t go in my compost I take it over to her including junk mail. I’m not allowed to have a compost pile or bin so I bury as much as I can in the veggie garden and use the garbage grinder on the rest. I know our city uses the sludge from the sewage treatment plant as fertilizer so at least I know even that is reused. I try to use canvas bags when I shop but I do forget them far too often. I use some of the grocery bags as trash bags. What I don’t reuse I take to the Salvation Army because they reuse them. I use the paper bags as wrapping paper, to drain fried foods on and to cool cookies on. I’m happy to see that several of our markets are using recycled plastic and paper grocery bags now. I recycle flower pots from the whole neighborhood. My neighbors know me so well. They leave their pots on the side of their trash and if I don’t stop by to pick them up they bring them by and leave them in my carport. What I can’t use I take to the conservation society. My garden has an irrigation system made from garden hoses I’ve found in people’s trash. The edging for all my flower beds all came from other people’s trash or from thrift shops. My entire greenhouse was built with recycled items a few of which was purchased at thrift shops. Even the shelves and containers in my craft room are all recycled in some way. I know I could do a lot more but I do try my best.
You guys all make me feel good about bringing up this topic. Thanks for contributing. We take all of our plastic bags to Walmart to recycle. They hid their recycle bin after our first visit, ha. We found it though.
I live in the adirondack tug hill region of new york. We recycle everything. We are currently down to 1 large bag of garbage every other month only because we dont have the composter yet. I live in the village and if I started composting in an open bin food my neighbors would kill me. I do have open bins for lawn and plant parts, potting soil from my pots, decomposing sawdust from Bills work, paper. In the fall we do the lasangna gardening to mulch over bed for the spring light layers on the established beds heavy layers on new gardens. All of our light bulbs have been switched over to the spirals. next year we are looking to get solar panels installed. I am fortunate enough to live near Fort Drum so we shop at Salvation army and other thrift shops and garage sales all of the time. My girls still have name brand clothes all cheap and recycled. I use freecycle. I do drive a 4x4 SUV though our snow gets measured in feet not inches here. We keep it maintained on scheduled and running right. In the warm weather we all have mountain bikes and Bill has a motorcycle to go back and forth to work. The kids bike 16 miles to the nearest swimming hole. I have even spent years building a bioculture in my fish tank so I dont have to clean it or run a filter. My fish tank and grow lights are all energy effecient. We run a pellet stove rather then the oil furnace except for January and Februray when the artic weather comes. Etc, etc, etc.


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The ultimate recycling is compost. All my kitchen scraps go in my compost. I really only have maybe one, sometimes 2 , 13 gal. bags of garbage a week. That has cut way down from having several 50gal cans at the street.

With a construction contracting company I have found tons of use for those annoying plastic containers from coffee, laundry saop and such. We store all our excess nails, screws and small stuff in them. I label them and put them on shelves , where as hubbs would just throw thim in a box. Now they are all easy to find. I do use my bleach jugs and other plastic containers to make garden markers , key tags, and gift tags from. When we are done with them they go in the recycle bin. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to