Requisites for a Greenhouse

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I recently moved to a new home and brought about few remodeling and renovation simply to make my home a greener zone. The roofing is flat, I know it doesn’t provide much architectural style but it could be greener when compared against the existing styles. I’m planning to get a greenhouse over my roofing but I need your suggestions. I just know to maintain a garden with very less knowledge in greenhouses. I’d like to give a try so looking forward for your views and suggestions on how to start and other requisites. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Patrick,
Interesting possiblity!
Issues that may arrise or need to be addressed before you start...
1/ it will be hot up on a roof so ventilation would be essential!
2/ may need a low profile greenhouse to make it look like it belongs
3/ Local rules and regulations need to be lookd into before you start...also look into insurance....
4/ if you are in a windy area you will need a specialized greenhouse construction in order for it to survive over the long term..
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