Rooting Pineapple Tops

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I have one that I started last summer. I just looked at it and it's got some baby leaves coming up. I'm real surprised that it is growing for me. I do have it in a south facing window but I've kept my heat at 62° this winter.
I have another one drying out that I'm going to plant in some dirt later today.
I think it was Prettylady that had grown one and got a baby and posted directions about how to root them so I decided to try it. A couple have rotted one me.
Anyone else had luck with them?
I have one I rooted 3 years ago and it has leaves that are over two ft. long. I tried to root another this year and it rotted...go figure?


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could someone post the directions again? I think I'd like to try to do that this summer. I should be able to put it outside most of the year here.
Rooting a pineapple top

This is how I do it, Lynn.

  • Cut the top off of the pineapple and when you do it, make sure you cut it so that the top will be able to stand upright.

  • Remove about an inch of the lower leaves.

  • Put the bottom part of top in water. You'll need to refresh the water every several days.

  • You may have to remove additional leaves as they get dried out or soft and mushy.

I put mine in a clear glass bowl so that I can see when it starts to root. Some people plant it in soil as soon as it develops roots. I prefer to wait a while and let it get a good root system and then plant it in dirt.

When you finally put it in the dirt, don't water it terribly often and when you do, pour the water down the center of the top. I have one that's quite large now.
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That sounds very interesting,,I think I will try that,,I have been wanting a pineapple plant,,,thank you for this posting,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie


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Hi Y'all
Just had to jump in on this one LOL!:D

I have grown about 5 pineapple from tops now, my first was because after Katrina, I had to have something green!!!

Anyway, the way I did mine was I cut off the top cleaned as much fruit of as possible, let dry for 24 hours, put in rooting hormone, stuck in soil, kept moist but not soggy in sun.

I am no expert but this worked???;)

And my first pineapple (katrina) gave me fruit this past year, the sweetest youll ever have!

Here are some pictures...
The first is Katrina bearing fruit
and the second after we cut off the fruit, I cut it back and she gave me 3 more plants!



Treva, how long did it take from the time you planted it for it to get any fruit? My guess was a good two or three years. Is that way off the mark?
Wow, Treva! That's great! You have such green thumbs and hands, I wouldn't be surprised if you could make a stick grow!!!!!! Way to grow, my friend!


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Wow, Treva! That's great! You have such green thumbs and hands, I wouldn't be surprised if you could make a stick grow!!!!!! Way to grow, my friend!
Thank you My Friend! That is quite a compliment coming from you! I truly appreciate the way you have always encouraged me!
What I did was cut off the top part of my pineapple, placed in water to root. It did take maybe 3 or so weeks but eventually rooted. I now have 2 pineapple plants growing in pots for at least 6 months now. Guess I'll have to wait a year or so for a pineapple tho? Hey, I'm glad I got two nice plants going.:) Will keep you posted! Will provide pics a little later.
Treva,,your pineapple plant is beautiful and you are so talented at growing plants,,,thank you for sharing the picture with us,,I am going to try that too,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie


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I just wanted to add my agreement that to really have good sucess in starting the tops...allowthem to set and dry for a day or so really makes a difference..I have started many of them for fun mostly...and until I did this always ended up rotting...
Debe, I never knew that......I guess it makes sense though. I'll have to try that the next time I start one. I've had more failures than I have successes.


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Susan, I learned this from a member on GG I traded artichock plants with....for pineapple tops....they were started already when I got mine...this member really was/is an expert...and this wasone key thing they said to do to have good results...I will have to look up their email addy and see if they are interested in joining up here...


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I saw a "grove" of pinapples not long ago and contrary to what I would have thought, they were growing in full shade. I have grown mine in full sun but keep them from drying out.


I have a question. I have a pineapple top that i have been drying out for about 4 it still ok to plant? I have never done thise before so wanted some advice on how to start. thanks.

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