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Hi Dora, yes that is a lovely lighter orange - but its not hardy here. :(
Really? I have read that it is hardy to zone 5. Do you have a different experience? I ask because I've just moved to zone 5 and I was thinking I could plant a Pat Austin. I know I would have to plant my roses deeper and I have seen things called rose cones in the nurseries around here so I am guessing the roses have to be protected for the winter.

What do you know about wintering roses in zone 5??

Dora/Garden Goddess
I've looked on the map and I don't think we have jap beetles here in Granger. We do have deer though. At least my yard is not along the slough where they like to travel.

Dora/Garden Goddess
GG, Just everything I've read on Pat Austin says hardy to 6 - being in 5a, I try to find plants that are good to zone 4. Been looking at some of the "sub-artic" roses too.

Good to know about Pat Austin. I may try it just for giggles. Have you tried any of the Buck Hardy roses? I just found out about them. I'm thinking I may try one of them. Heirloom Roses carries them.

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Another rose lover

I am another rose lover. At one point I had around 60 but have lost many to the ice storms and hard winters here in Ohio. My favorite is McCartney...the color (deep Pink) just pops, the buds are enormous, and the smell just makes you!! I have put in more beds this fall and still working on them this winter in a more protective area and plan on planting more. Most of my roses came from the nursery....I have noticed and was not happy that alot of them were not grown on their own root and when the grafted rose died due to the ice and strong winds....the ugly stronger root stock rose took over. I will only buy roses grown on their own root now. I have never rooted by own clippings but would love to give it a try.....ready for rooting roses 101....where is the teacher? :D
Just my 2 cents worth.. I have 2 orange roses right now (zone 5/Wisconsin) Wildfire and Laura Bush, I mound with dirt then cover with leaves in the winter. I have to prune back hard in the spring, but the grow fast and have beautiful flowers during the season.

Good point about the own root roses. I know Heirloom roses does sell own root roses. I'm sure there are others but they are the only ones I know of.


High Sheriff is lovely. I am partial to orange roses as well. Not really into the red and pink. Don't get me wrong I like them I just like orange and yellow better :)

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Smelly Melly,what an interesting name*LOL
Where /how did you come up with that*lol Kinda cute actually.:)
I think there are several roses that are hardy to lower zones can make it here.Double Delight and Mr.Lincoln along with several others that I have come to mind.I think it has a lot do do with location and soil then with the mulching after it is good and frozen.

Does anyone grow many Hybrid Teas? I can't live without them!
You can easily make yourself some cuttings.One main key is monitoring as the roots take hold.
I have been playing with cuttings,I find it rather interesting.It does take a few years for them to gain height but the blooms are quick to follow within a year.
I have rooted in water over winter and almost had a bloom.:D
Here are a few orange then turns all sades of pink then a redish to start out yellow and orange.
Then there is Double Delight that is not suppose to be hardy here in 5(b?) It is said not to grow never mind bloom!
I have 2 I just bought and both have left me breathless lots of blooms that lasted well over a week! It's a keeper for sure.Pinata (orange mix) is a nice Rose not much for climbing, but blooms excellently!

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Pinata changes so much during one bloom that it can look like a different bloom even in the same day.The color form change!

Here it is again with DD!:D

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I Love it!!

That Double Delight is gorgeous!!

A friend gave me the name. I'm a Melissa and sometimes go by Mel. I love the fragrance of flowers hence the smelly part. And I think another friend says I get the name because I smell like a garbage!! Here are some of my favorites.


Nice name explanation *lol

Yes! Thank-YOU!!

I was carrying on when she first broke open from her beautiful bud! My daughter was dying of embarrassment *LOL I didn't care I was simply in love,so glad I bought 2!
Is that Mississippi Rainbow? Cant read the one next to her.
How come I can't click to see it bigger??

Spider Lily, I hope you have a few cuttings for yourself!

She is a keeper!

Those would be Sundance, McCartney, Pristine, and Mississippi Rainbow. I guess you can't click and make bigger because I posted them small from photobucket????? Maybe can only do that with the attachments. Only been here a couple days so haven't had time to play and figure everything!! I gotta more time....I want that double delight!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to