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My son is in th 12th grade.He has come home for the last 2 week's.Telling me everyday how rude one of his teacher's is.I gave him the benefit of doubt you know how kid's talk somtime.My son had some of his friend's over this weekend and they all said the same thing.They told me this teacher is rude.And tell's them everyday that everyone in class are loser's want never be anything in life.And all their parents are probally deadbeat's.I saw another classmate later on in the day away from the other kid's and she told me the samething.Is'nt this a form of verbal child abuse.I need to know what to do about this.These kid's don't deserve talk like that.I have brought my son up to be respectful to everyone.He said it's hard not to say anything to this teacher.Any advice?
OH my
I would be having a meeting with the principal...No teacher should not act like that and if that doesn't work climb the ladder to the superintendent.....
Good luck
These kids need all the hugs they can get


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I agree with Melanie.....and I would also talk with other parents...always good to have numbers.....this is not good at all if indeed this teacher is doing this...
I started with the guidance counslor and simply let her know there was a problem and I wouldnt support my child being rude back to the teacher but the teacher needed to be spoken to and if the problem persisted I would not only call the principal, and Super but I would also be contacting a lawyer. The only difference was this teacher was being mean to only my daughter because of her hair color


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When I had a similar problem with a High School Algebra Teacher. My ex-husband and I spoke to him but it continued, then we took it up with an Assintant Principal. We had a meeting with the teacher and the Asistant principal. He said something inappropriate in the meeting and I told him I resented what he called the children. He was chastised but he continued. He I advised her he hadn't stopped my child was removed from his class. He only wanted to teach the children that didn't need any help or had no questions. He had a problem with the children that didn't understand his teaching so called them names. I don't remember what he called them in the metting but I was so mad with him.
Contact the parents of your son's friends first, inform them you will be calling the principal about the issue. Encourage them to do the same. 3 or 4 phone calls will generate enough of a response, ask them to call other parents you may not know. Have the meeting with the principal include your son, so he can offer a first hand account. Have the list of parents you have spoken to also. If the principal in unwilling or unable (due to fast thinking on the teacher's part) to find a basis for inquirey, call the school board. Been there, done that.
The teacher denied everything he said in front of the principal.But some of the students came in and told what he had been calling them and saying about them.He was squirming.I told the principal if I ever heard of this again.
Verbal abuse to any child I would press charges.The principal had him in the office when I left.Said he would handle it.We shall see.Tomorrow my son's taking a small recorder with him to class.We shall see or hear how he acts tomorrow.


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I would give my son a tape recorder and record the rude teacher. That way when I approach the principal it's not my childs word against the teacher. Keep us posted because we care.

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I am so glad to see that you are right on top of this problem. I too have had run-ins with teachers in the past and I was always backed up by the principal. Mostly because He knew that if I was in his office I wouldn't back down until I had answers.
kay I would go directly to the School Board and I would bring up charges of verbal child abuse against this teacher. This person should not be a teacher. The principal does not want this info to leave his school. I would also ask the principal to have somebody sit in on the class for as long as this guy is teaching. You know if nothing is done officely all the kids that spoke in the principales office are going to fail the class. That man has to be removed from the class room.


Totally unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!

In Brooklyn Dad would bring the teacher outdoors off school grounds and beat him with his bear hands and if that didn't hurt enough he'd bring out the bat.*lol

I personally would go and speak to the principal and teacher. Not my thoughts on how it should go ...which would include a clear apology. I would probably get more parents, those that I knew would help my case and address both of them again. Then if that didn't get a verbal apology to my child in my presence Id send my dad with a bat*LOL no,really, I really I would bring it to the attention of the school board. The children (hem hem young adults) would have to be able to tell the me the same story when I drill them.
and/or Get a few more parents (possibly students (depends on situation,(kinds of parents& youth) then Address it to the Principal with the teacher waiting in the hall way like a child and then bring the bad mouth teacher into the room and watch what the principal does if the principal is serving you, you will know by asking the child,Now you do not want he child to be a wise guy if the teacher apologies.
I would hear both sides before I got Dad.
Children can group together a fib....Make sure you get to the bottom of this and if it is true I'll call Dad.

He should not talk back to the teacher instead write what he says word for word and send it to grandpa.

I would get on this and ask why I wasn't told sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tha sad thing is that this is an occurance that happens daily. I had a teacher in school that called us all a bunch of jackasses. I think everyone in the class failed. While this is not good behavior on the part of the teacher nor will it encourage kids to learn from or respect the teacher it is a good lesson in self control on the part of the kids. Yes it is a very bad enviornment but not so diffrent from adult real life in the working world. If something can't be done to stop it use it as a teaching tool of how to deal with situations where you have no control. When given lemons ..... make lemonade. At least they are 12th grade and not 6th!


I hear now that if students are absent they better have a GOOD excuse (determined but a judge of some sort) or the parents have to go to court and pay 50.00 per day of the absent child.I know PA is and has been doing it for years! Happened to my sister,She couldn't afford to "Buy" the dress code clothing for her daughter, she only had 2sets and lent one to a friend therefor had nothing to wear until she was able to do laundry. (they didn't have a washer and dryer) and the child didn't tell the mother that she didnt have dress code clothing.(found out she lent it to her friend and (the friend) couldn't find them (whatever that means,not sure how you can't find clothes none the less borrowed, but that is another story*lol) my sister was fine hundreds! and payable TODAY!!! No payment plan here!
It was horrifying.
She struggled for quite a while to get her out to Homeschool her,they made it nearly impossible!!!!!!!! The laws and curriculum were overwhelming! The child finally was signed out and took her GED.

I can't even imagine what I would do if a teacher behaved that way What did the BOARD SAY!!!!!???
No when given lemons I say squirt them in their eye! No way would I tolerate that.I had a child that was hit by the (senior female) Principal! I raised the roof until the caseworkers (Foster son) threatened to take them (all 3) away if I shout any longer.I actually gave up my house and moved out of that district within two months I was out. Searched to find out what can be done I was told I had no rights because he was a Foster Son and the worker (which changed on a monthly basis) had to take action *GRRRRRRRRRRR I was fuming!
My back was pinned against the wall and I had no way out,it was horrifying, frustrating and outright evil,I cared for him for 8years and had no rights but to do as told!

It is spreading across the country!
Crabber..No way we cant sit and allow this behavior,if we roll over dead like a dead fly we will be treated as so.
Parents just need to get involved with their children,they are our only hope for a better future and without their parents behind them to support and protect them from this abuse; we will be a loosing Country.Nothing will matter to them,they will think it is ok to be spoken to with disrespect and start to do it to others.We need to keep our children upright honest and kind to one another with a conscience for what is right.If they see we allow it then ...they will.
We need to stand firm in our convictions and take our heart as far as it will go to show we will not tolerate that abuse.
As our children grow we tend to forget that they are still very impressionable they are watching our every move even when they are in their 20s they really care about what we say and think and do we are still their examples. They will ( by the grace of God) look to us in all situations (even if we let them down many times) they will want to be like us. We have that responsibility to show them what is right and wrong. We cant afford to loose heart because they just may too .Our goal is to bring our children up to be upright and warriors defending what is right.
Please be encouraged to support our children, your children they are indeed our future and how we behave will be in their makeup as they grow.My motto is to create lasting memories for the children to build their character and bring smiles when they think of me.I absolutely believe childhood life is what makes adults, and for a child to look back and be pleased with what they have learned and lived will bring many blessings to all that made that difference.It starts in the family,all family members.

I don't mean to talk so much.I just have such a heart for childhood,perhaps because mine was a nightmare with no parental support,comfort,love or encouragement and I sure do not take any of it for granted because I never had any at all from age 4 on.
Parents sometime forget that children will always need them for guidance.
No matter how old.I am 45 and still to this day wish my dad were here.He was a great man, that he too, loved and valued childhood and carefully watch over us when he was here.

Have a great day and go get your lemon and squirt him who dishonors your child in the eye!

My son said the teacher wasn't there today.The other teacher's there said they didn,t know where he was.I bet the did just not saying.He said they had a good day in class today no name calling at all.:)


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I agree with Dale on this one. It's amazing what you can get done when you have it on tape. I would give my child the recorder (they come in pocket size) and I would teach him how to go about getting a clear recording. I'd then ask for a meeting with the school board and play the tape for all to hear.

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