Share your experiences with companies good and bad!!!

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I wanted to start a new thread for us to post our experiences good and bad with companies. Here's my story that happened on Saturday.

This is a wonderful experience with One of the soldiers I adopted that was in the mountains of Afghanistan came home. To my surprise he sent me flowers from We are having some work done to the upstairs and downstairs porches and when we came home Friday evening didn't notice the box on the porch. Well next morning saw the box delivered by UPS the day before. Needless to say they were about half dead and I was heart broken. Here the soldier had spent his hard earned money for flowers for me and they were horrible. I went on the flower website and posted they guarantee flowers to live 7 days after arrival. So I called the 800# and they apologized and are sending fresh flowers out for me to receive on Tuesday. Great success story, I feel. UPS could have taken the flowers to the back and they would have been in the shade not sitting in full 80 degree sun temps.

What's your story??
Okay here is a bad one...XM radio. Long story short, got hubby a portable satellite radio for Christmas. 1st it didn't work right and we sent back for replacement. Took 6 weeks for them to send new radio. 2nd the last two months we have been plagued with calls from auto dialer saying our bill is passed due when it is not. I pay our bills on line the day the come in the mail. They said there was nothing they could do to stop auto calls, it is just part of their system. Today I called them after a 10pm auto call last night and cancelled the whole shabang!!!!


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We have 3 XM radios. But with the rate going up this month we will probably discontinue them. We don't drive as much as we used to so we don't listen to the radio as much as we used to. I personally have not had a problem with XM customer service.
Since sources for pepper seeds has come up recently, I wanted to warn about Reimer's Seeds They have a fabulous list of pepper varieties, but they have a horrible reputation in the pepper growing community. Seeds received are often not pure seed, it's clearly a cross breed, and sometimes the seeds are of completely different varieties. Customer service is pretty nonexistent, too.

If you really can't find a pepper you want anywhere else, talk to me. If I don't know a better source, I can proably put you in touch with folks who do.


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Blue thanks for the heads up. Have never ordered from them but the name Reimer name sounds familar.


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I was less than thrilled with TruGreen last year. I think that they did way too many treatments. I talked with our tech a few weeks ago to let him know that we won't be renewing our contract with them. He is a fine young man, so I let him know that it had nothing to do with him. We ordered an aeration and overseed to be done last Sept or Oct, they showed up in August when it was bone dry...and with our clay soil they aeration plugs couldn't be found. I called and talked to our rep and expressed my concern, he put me in touch with the guy who was supposed to take care of my complaint, he wasn't available and didn't call me back. This wasn't a cheap service to have done, so I even sent a letter of complaint, no response.
Anyway, I contacted our local garden center and got a guy out to measure the yard, he will only do 3 or 4 fertilizers and a couple of weed controls and he actually knows what he is doing and will walk the yard with me so that I can ask questions and he can advise me. TG schedules 7 fertilizers in one year...that is just out of control.


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My wife had a pleasant experience with a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. She drives down to Salem every Friday to visit with our former pastor and his wife. They are both at a "facility". My wife takes Ernestine (the pastor's wife) out to lunch just about every Friday so she can get out and about a little bit. A week before last Friday, they went to an Olive Garden restaurant in Salem and had lunch. When the bill came, my wife looked in her purse and her wallet/billfold was not there. She had no money, credit cards, identification or anything. She took that folder they put the bill in and headed toward the front to see if she could call me on the phone so I could at least give her the credit card number. She met a man coming from the other direction and he apparently saw the distress on her face and asked her if everything was all right. She explained the situation and he smiled and put his arm over her shoulder and said, "Why don't you let me take care of that?" He was the restaurant manager. My wife promised to pay the bill but he said it wasn't necessary. She did send a check last week anyway and then went back to the Olive Garden with Ernestine again last Friday. She had her wallet with her that time.
Regarding XM radio

Cheri, just a note here for you & anyone else dealing with companies like that, but anything charged on a Visa or Mastercard has the CREDIT CARD company's guarantee. Not sure about the policy for Amex or Discover, but bet they are similar.

For most of the CC issuing companies, all you need do is send a WRITTEN letter denying the particular charge to the credit card company and THEY can remove the charge! And if the charge is turned over to any collections and listed on your credit report, you will have back up from the CC company to refute it! ;)
Not email, not a phone call - a written letter, just like you have to send to have something like that refuted on your credit report.

Check with your credit card company and ask what their policy is regarding unauthorized and fraudulent charges. Don't let jerks like that play you! :mad:


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That's awesome Randy that the mgr did that for MF.
I'm sure she was stressed to the hill as I know I would have been.
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Ordered form specialty perennials this winter, never rec'd my order and cancelled after 8 weeks, had put it on a chase visa and was able to get my refund by doing everything online from my account home page.


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Still never got my order from Gardens North!
The owner is re-sending what I ordered and should arrive here either Weds, or Thursday!
We've been e-mailing each other over the last 2 months. She wanted to make sure whether it will show up or not!
It better arrive, or I'll get after the postal service to investigate!
They are having a half price sale in April! <----if my order arrives I think I may just order some more. The website is like going through a candy store with hard to get seeds that you cannot get anywhere else!
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I got my seeds promptly from them (Gardens North) and they were very viable, didn't know about the April 1/2 price sale. thanks You are so right about the candy store, I only got through letter A before I ordered what I could afford.


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You can go to and check a company for complaints. This is the Better Business Bureau. If you find a complaint on a company you plan to use...beware. You can also file a complaint if you are not satisfied with merchandise, labor, etc... in which the BBB will get in touch with the company and let them know you have filed a complaint. Most times a company will try and resolve the issue rather than have a complaint against them's no guarantee but at least you can help keep the public aware.


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Brecks Bulbs! Be very careful. They took my money shipped only a portion of what I paid for, refused to make it right, and the quality was not what they professed.
Summerhill Seeds

Summerhill Seeds is one company I really like! They have a nice selection of hard to find seeds and send culture info as well as bonus seeds!
I usually save my shopping cart for a few days deciding what I MUST have and they generally send me a discount coupon to come back & complete my order. ;) heehee~ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to