Shipping plants

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I will have alot of baby perennials in a couple of months to exchange, I usually pot them into 4 or 5 inch pots before putting them out, wonder what the best way to package them for shipping them will be? Thanks in advance.
When I trade plants, I put them in a ziplock with a little dirt on the roots and wrap in a paper towel or napkin,wet it then sell it, put in box with packing and ship it. The fastest way you can, priority is 2-3 days which should be ok for plants.


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That's my way of doing it also, depending on what type of plant it is. Sometimes I will wrap the roots with a wet paper towel, then wrap that in saran wrap, securing with tape or twist tie, leaving the top of the plant to breathe. Then wrap the entire thing in an old newspaper, add bubble wrap or packing peanuts inside the box for shipping safely.


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Mailing plants

I have been mailing boxes of plants every week for the last several weeks and offer this suggestion. Be sure you do not wrap leaves along with the roots which are damp because the leaves will rot before they arrive. I put cuttings in wet paper towels in plastic baggies and they have been arriving well. Plants I often leave in their little pots as they have a better start that way. However, that does weigh more and take more postage and yes, priority mail is the best way to send plants. Sometimes I just take the plant out of the pot leaving a substantial amount of dirt with it and put in a baggie. I will post my list of plants to trade soon.
I found this site which really has excellent info. explains everything step,by step. What do you all think?
Shipping plants in a bottle

Shipping plants in a bottle
This is THE BEST method for having plants arrive in beautiful shape that I have ever seen! Plants Lavender2 sent to me looked as if they had been just dug & hand carried to my garden instead of mailed over 2000 miles! :)

PS> leave the lid off the bottle so it can breathe ;)



That is a really neat idea, I have lots of water bottles and they are really light so would not add anything to shipping and will keep the plant in place and protected. Thanks for sharing that!

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