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Discussion in 'Garden & Landscape Design' started by joyce, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Hi all, it is my sister’s wedding next month. It is a long time dream come true. We are planning to have an outdoor party at our house on the wedding eve. We have a backyard but is very cluttered as it was not used for many years. We need to have a renovation there. My friend told me about Infinity gardens, which provides outdoor landscaping ideas in Calgary. I haven’t gone through their services before and would like to get your suggestions. I also have a plan to buy some outdoor furniture for my patio. Which are the best-suited wood for making patio furniture? My friend told mahogany is a good option. Is it really worthy? Chime in with some suggestions.
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    Hi Joyce!
    Welcome to our forum!
    Here abouts are you in Ontario?
    I would recommend using local landscaping companies that are in your area.
    As to which wood to outdoor furniture.....cedar, acacia and teak seem to be the favorite.

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