South Carolina Fire

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SC wildfire destroys homes near popular beach area
By BRUCE SMITH – 3 hours ago

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — A coastal wildfire spread early Thursday toward one of the busiest tourist stretches in South Carolina after destroying more than three dozen homes.

No injuries had been reported in the fire that started Wednesday afternoon west of Myrtle Beach, but officials said gusty winds were making the situation worse.

The fire jumped a state highway near North Myrtle Beach and destroyed about 40 homes early Thursday, said Scott Hawkins, a spokesman for the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

In North Myrtle Beach near the North Carolina state line, officials began evacuating about 2,500 people in a four-mile stretch west of Highway 17, city spokesman Nicole Aiello said.

Shelters were set up at North Myrtle Beach City Hall and the House of Blues at Barefoot Landing, she said.

The blaze jumped the busy six-lane Coastal Bays Parkway on Wednesday, stopping not far from the Intracoastal Waterway. Firefighters were expecting the waterway to act as a natural firebreak, protecting the larger city of Myrtle Beach.

A gray-white smoke had engulfed restaurant row between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach on Wednesday evening. It looked like a winter fog, with car headlights and neon signs peeking through the haze.

Tourists watched the smoke move over the tree line at the Cane Patch driving range, where one of the holes on the par-3 course was on fire Wednesday night, said cashier John Paulhus.

"We can see the smoke clearly from here," he said. "A lot of them have come in and inquired about it. I think it's more curiosity than anything else."

A cause has not been determined for the fire that began around noon in woods about six miles east of Conway, Horry County Fire Rescue spokesman Todd Cartner said.

The fire had spread into several Carolina Bays, geographic structures full of organic material that fuel the blaze. Tropical downpours are often needed to extinguish the burning peat, Hawkins said.

"When a bay starts burning, they burn for a long, long time," Hawkins said.

Jo Hillman, 52, joined her husband, Chuck, and 13 other people at a shelter set up at the Tilly Swamp Baptist Church about midway between Conway and North Myrtle Beach.

As a prayer meeting went on inside, the couple recalled the tense moments as the fire started spreading.

"First they said 'You've got 15 minutes.' Then they said 'Get out now,'" Jo Hillman said

I saw this on the new's this morning.Thought we might say a prayer for all these people in their time of need.This is so sad.
I agree

There is such a loss after a fire - not just the monetary, but the material things you lose that you can't replace (those dished grandma left you, your kid's first pair of shoes, pictures, etc.) and then there's the fear of trying to sleep again when you know that you've escaped with your life once, but will ya be that lucky again if it happens. My heart aches for those people.

I'd like to extend that prayer request to the firefighters and medics (and their families) that are handling that, too, though. My high-school age daughter is a jr. firefighter and her father fights fire, too. Scary to watch people you love walk into those flames, and I'm sure those folks there are exhausted.

I'll be adding all involved to my church's prayer list.
We've been keeping up with this as we have family living in Myrtle Beach...the fire is west and north of them, thank goodness, but we're praying hard for all the families that have lost their homes and personal belongings as well as the many who are helping to get this fire under control.


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Praying for everyone in and near the fires and their families. Its on the news right now. Praying they get some rain asap


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On our local news they reported still evaucating some of the areas. We have had strong winds here in SC and that has not helped conditions. 20,000 acres 69 homes destroyed 100 homes damaged so far, now the storm is 40% contained. A lot of schools in that area will be closed today and roads are being closed.
What a shock those folks must be in. One day you have a beautiful comfortable home and the next day everything is gone.I feel so bad for all who were touched by these fires. I hear today that it is pretty much contained.
Prayers being said for all affected. I never appreciated Fire Fighters. They were always just there like the cops but I never gave them much thought. Now that DH has emphysema having smoke in the air is so very hard on him. I am so truly grateful to the guys and gals here. We get brush and forest fires here all the time but our people have been wonderful at getting to them and getting them under control so quickly is it absolutely amazing to me. Also the station is just five minuets from our house. I’ve had to call 911 for DH a few times. They have responded not just quickly but with such skill and kindness. They are truly concerned not just for Jim but for me as well. I pray for all those we take for granted who put themselves in harms way to protect us and care for us.
Isn't it strange....

... the things we take for granted. Comfy home, electric, running water, a bed. I hope all those folks have someplace comfy to stay for awhile until they get back on their feet.

Sweet sentiments about the firefighters and medics Bernie. I think I'll pass that story on to my gang here if you don't mind and let them know that some folks do "get it" when it hits closer to home. I didn't "get it" either until I started watching it from the inside. More that we just take for granted I guess...........


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We've never had this kind of fire out break in SC before that I'm aware of. Last year I heard on the news of the California fires and my heart ached for those people. I was thinking then that those kinds of things only happen so far away from us.
Yesterday at work, the young secretary in the office said she was turned away from her home by firefighters and not allowed back till the danger had pasted. She insisted to them that she had to get her cat! They managed to do that for her.
Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect people and their property..they are truly a blessing and they understand the devasted feelings and will do everything possible to give their all to a bad situation.
In my opinion they are all to be honered for their braveness and all they do.
We just got back from Myrtle Beach and have been trying to get as much news as possible on these fires. The news has been sketchy since day two .... but have been talking to freinds still down there and the fires are affecting all areas down there. If not in direct line to the fires, there is the spinoff of smoke and debris. This thread has been very informative...thanks so much. We love it down there and feel it is our second home and feel so sad for the locals and what they have been facing.


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On the news this morning they said that the fires have been 80 percent contained. 70 homes have been destroyed. I can't believe this has happened so close.
I am so concerned about the ongoing affects will be for those families. Bless their hearts. But ya know, I was thinking today, that's gonna affect their economy, too. It's beginning to be travel season and where better to spend some free time than the Carolinas? I bet the affects on this will take ages to get over emotionally, financially........ just devestating. So sad.
I saw on the new's this morning a older guy sifting through the ashes of his home.He had a few old coin's he had collected in his hand.And also he found his wedding band.He was just thankful of what he has left his wife and kid's.
My son has joined the local fire dept this year.They are alway's busy they had to respond to a car accident last night.A young girl flipped her car and her arm was underneath the car.They lifted this car off of her.So I'm very thankful for the fire fighters.


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