Thanksgiving Traditons

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Please share your Thanksgiving Traditons with us. Would love to see what everyone else has for traditions.

We have turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash, string bean casserole, gravy, pickled beets, rolls, cranberry sauce, carrots, turnip, used to have grammies home made pickles, sure do miss them and of course pies. I think I have everything...
Well this will be our first year without any family for Thanksgiving. It will be just Bob and I. I do plan on cooking is one never fail tradition eh?

Bob will make the green bean cassarole and I will cook the rest, as is tradition. We will only have a turkey breast though. Neither of us likes yams so they will not be gracing our table this year. The family china and silver will be making it's annual appearance as well :)

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We go to my mother in laws for Thanksgiving. She does a lot of the cooking a couple days before and then I help her with the last minute stuff. We always have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls + a few more things that I can't think of right now. Then of course she makes pies and cakes for Dessert. We usually eat about 2pm. We also always go around the table before we eat and each person has to say what they are thankful for. I love Thanksgiving...great food and family.
My family tradition for this holiday--is that my hub and kids will not see me till Dec 20th. My work starts right after the meal(even though I make the meal too)-- We put up our chirstmas decorations.
From black friday till dec 20th I work 16-18 hrs a day.... decorating everyone else's place, unloading tractor trailers of chirstmas trees to sell, making custom wreaths, graveblankets,centerpieces, decorating trees and lighting the lights!!


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Wow you are one busy gal Brassi. Sure hope the family cleans up for you after dinner so you can rest a bit before you start in decorating
We do the whole nine yards, Turkey with all the trimmings. We also eat early usually between 2 and 3. After grace,we all say what we are most thankful for this year, then the feast begins!


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We do the turkey thing with who ever can come home. This year it will be my son and his wife. They will not have but one day a week off from friday until after macworld in jan. I will be helping them with their puppy. She gets so lonely staying home in her crate while they work 10 to 12 hour days so I will keep her here with my puppy some of the time.
This year, It's alittle different.. We will have Thanksgiving, Christmas and my sons Birthday all Thanksgiving, He deploys Dec. 12 of this year for the third time, Instead of Iraq, It will be Afghanistan. Good news is, He won't spend 16 month like he did in 06-07.Will be back home with us and his Dear wife March we are hoping..
So any thing he wants to eat we are cooking for him. Turkey,Ham,twice baked potatoes,green bean cass.Stuffed peppers and celery,home made bread,gravy,dressing,salad made with fritos,ranch style beans,catilina dressing,cheese,and other things in it. And it is really alot of pies and cakes and puddings. Got to have enough to last the weekend,,Then Sat. we will be going to say good bye to the soilders that leave this weekend. Pres. Bush is in Ft. Campbell now to eat Thanksgiving with the troops that have just come home..Our son's group is releaving the men coming home... Have a wonderful day and Holiday.. Linda


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Special note to Armymom, years before I was married I opened my mom's house up to the local Navy who were away from home. It was great to make a meal for those who were missing their moms. It was great for my mom as well as the guys.It's great he is home now. Keep us posted on his deployment.

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Both my kids have always said that too. Unfortunately this year Jess and the babies are in Oklahoma which will dampen our spirits but we have always had unsual Thanksgivings such as the camping T-Day where we cook the turkey in the ground, Outddor grilling Thanksgivings where we fixed EVERYTHING on the grill, and now as I age the usual indoor over Thanksgiving. Add mashed potatoes, broccoli cassarole, rutabeggas, green bean cassarole,fresh cranberries,peacn pie, white pie,and this year we are having my son's friend who is alone come and he is bringing a ham and an assortment of other foods. I feel guilty as there are only 6 attending dinner at this point. That's a lot of food. I have put out a general invitation in my local circle for anyone who wants to come to do so. I did that one year and had 36 people show up It was great. I am Thankfull I can do the cooking for everyone. Wish me many more years to do so! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to