The Joy's Of Deer Season

Discussion in 'Over the Garden Fence' started by Spider_Lily, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Spider_Lily

    Spider_Lily New Member

    This weekend deer season opened here We live on a quiet counrty road.Some of our dear sweet neighbor's left us a awful site today.Went to church on our way home we found 4 dead deer.The hind quarter's and antler's are missing.We travel this road everyday to work and have to face this now.And soon have to dodge the buzzard's and let's don't forget the rotting smell.People have No Respect for other's:mad:

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  2. Randy

    Randy Super Moderator Staff Member

    It may not be your neighbors though, Spider. Whoever did it are obviously not sportsmen. I have seen some awful things myself and heard of many others.
  3. Kya D

    Kya D Active Member

    OMGosh what do people think when they do something like that
    I remember when my dad used to hunt... by the time he and my mom were done with the carcuss even the dog didn't want what was left
  4. swindy

    swindy Super Moderator

    OMG Spider that is horrible, what are ppl thinking. It looks like the type of hunter who shoots from his Caddy on the road and has a cooler in the trunk for the steaks he want to bring home. Does the county clean that up,or is it just left there to rot ?
  5. lisa831

    lisa831 New Member

    There have been a couple of white deers around here but someone shot them for the head and feet.That is a waste people like that don't need to be hunting, My son got a 4 point Friday by the time I'm done it just bones .
  6. Blueaussi

    Blueaussi New Member

    Sadly you're only one of a number of people I know who have this problem. I'm not anti-hunting, but sometimes I'm very anti-hunter.
  7. Spider_Lily

    Spider_Lily New Member

    I don't mind anyone hunting if they need the meat.But Don't do the poor things this way afterward's.Please have some respect for the animal and your neighbor's too.
  8. Randy

    Randy Super Moderator Staff Member

    I read a book some years back that really did a good job of putting things in perspective. The name of the book is "The Tracker" and was written by a man named Tom Brown. The story is about two young boys who are taught by one's grandfather who was an Apache chief.In this story Stalking Wolf teaches the boys not only the natural skills of the Indian, but the reverence for life that went along with it. It is a great book for people of all ages, but I read it to my grandchildren when they were quite young and also to my mother who was blind. There was a sequel to the book titled "The Search" and it was equally as good.
  9. Spider_Lily

    Spider_Lily New Member

    I called the health dept this morning.They gave me a number to call for illegal dumping.I talked with a very nice guy.He said they had alot of report's of deer being dumped this weekend.He said he would see what he could do.I thought to myself yeah here comes the run around.He said let me make a call and I will call you back.I figured he was just getting rid of me.But he did call back about ten minutes later.He said he was sending someone out to check on the deer.About a half hr.some guy's with a backhoe were burying the deer.
    I called him back and thanked him for his help.He told me if I had another problem to let him know.I told him I probally would be calling again by the weekend or before.
  10. latebloomer

    latebloomer Active Member

    So sad. There are so many hungry people that could have used that meat!
    Glad you ran into a good guy from the dept. Spidey. I usually follow up that kind of action with a letter. These days such a thing might help someone keep their job.
  11. Spider_Lily

    Spider_Lily New Member

    Thats a great idea i will get one out to him tomorrow .Thanks
  12. swindy

    swindy Super Moderator

    Spider I am so glad you won't have to look at that sight every time you drive down your road.

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