The missing

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Some of you may find this a bit odd. But this subject is very close to my heart. There are 2 missing unsolved cases in my area. One of which ( John Rowen) was a friend of my husbands & mine. I started this thread to bring more awareness to these individuals. When you personally know someone who is missing ,and has been, it impacts your life in ways you can never imagine. You wait for answers that never come, you look in faces of everyone just waiting to see them again. And you pray and cry no matter how long it has been.
Maybe somewhere, someone has seen them or knows something. These families and friends can not rest until answers are found.

John Patrick Rowen Missing Feb 23 , 2001

Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings age 5 missing Feb, 10th 2009 Satsumas , Fl just google her name for more information. Tons of sites and links

We will Never stop looking, Never stop praying
I'm so sorry for your loss, it's one thing when you know someone has passed on, and quite another if you don't know what happened. There is no closure Big Hugs.


Yes it is probably Horrifying...Happened to me on several occasions.1st when my Dad died And I was taken away from my Mom and separated from my brother and 2sisters.
I had no clue where anyone was except my brother about a month later, which stood with me on and off, they kept separating us,finally about 4 years later I met my 2 sisters again I didn't remember the baby much but my older sister I missed and nobody will tell me where she was, still wondering year after year until I was 9 where my Mom and Dad were.I did see my mom in the court room about several months later and held her ever so tight and cried, it took several court guards to get me off of her, then didn't see/communicate her for that 4 years. My (hem,hem) Aunt pulled my hair and hit me because I embarrassed her in the court room when I got to her house.She was always a very hand slapper and hair puller.
She didn't want me she only wanted my brother because he was the III .
Lost everyone with no way of communication on and off until 14 then lived on my own and knew where everyone was most of the time except for my Dad.
It is the most horrifying experience,especially as a little girl that was extremely close to her family.

I also understand what it feels like to have a son missing.My sons Father kidnapped him a few times I was totally devastated each time, the longest time was 21 days, I had private investigators and all.
At first they told me I was crazy and that nobody lived in the apartment I sent them to. They called the crazy hospital to pick me up, I begged them to let me show them pictures, that will prove he lived there, they complied,after seeing I was not just frantic over the loss of my son but was telling the truth.They made several calls to his family members. The apartment was in my name which I fled for my life from but he still lived there(the child's natural %^^$%% of a father)
He changed the locks, I broke in to the window down the fire escape and left the door unlocked, called police and met them back there. The police agreed the pictures were taken in that apartment.
I got my son back that time by the Investigators threatening the mother and grandmother, of the father.

It is extremely hard for me to deal with missing children and people.
Knowledge pierces my heart as I relive my life.

Having shared that really short story..
My prayers as always..



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It's never easy not to have closure when it's someone so dear to you and also when there is a child involved. I am praying for the families. Keep us updated because we care.


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Kale my heart breaks for you. I cannot begin to imagine what your life has been like. I 'lost' my DS for an hour and a half when he was four. The entire community looked for him. I nearly lost my mind and have never forgotten that fear.

My granddaughter pass away suddenly four years ago tomorrow. The heart ache was all but unbearable. I cannot imagaine the heart ache of not knowing where someone you love is for weeks, months or years.

CG I know how a missing child can affect a community.
We have a missing child in our area as well. Sofia Juarez of Kenewick, WA - One minute, Sofia Juarez was badgering her mother for $1 to go to the store. The next, she was gone, apparently in the brief moments when she was supposed to run out to her granddad's car for a trip to the market.
It's been six years since the 5-year-old vanished into the night. There have been no sightings, no arrests, no miracles.
If you look at the web site for Missing Children it will brake you heart to see how many children are missing in this country. We can only pray Our Heavenly Father keeps them safe and in His loving care.


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My heart is breaking for you Kale, And all who have suffered this type of loss.Hang on to your faith as we will all be reunited one day in HIS glory.
It is the not knowing that you can't get over. As with John Rowen one day he was there the next day not. We had a circle of people who all knew each other and to this day we believe what we think we know what happend but police investigations were inconclusive on all tips. It is a horrible thought about what really, most likely was. They maintain him as a missing person. His family ( who we have not had contact wint in years) still has no answers but is vigilant in looking as is anyome who knew him. Every missing person report opens the wound like it was yesterday.

Bernie, I encourage anyone looking for a missing person to post here any details they have. You just never know what might turn up.

My brother was born in 1950 in Washington DC. The doctors refused to let my mother see her baby, telling her he would never survive and it would be best for her if she did not see him. She had a normal pregnancy with no birth complications. My mother died in 1996 still looking for her son. I have always missed that brother even never having seen him.


Yes in His Glory.I'm OK; made me appreciate God's Promises even as I look back.
Left me sensitive to loss.

Crabber, how did they get away with that?
If they claimed he passed,she would get a burial.
What did his father do and say?
When my son was born they told me they didn't have a boy (with the dad's last name,never married me, instead cheated),instead they had him as a girl with my last name, I can tell you stitches and all I jumped out of that bed and made certain he was there.They changed the last name on the card and to "boy" .

I had my daughter with a midwife and my child was with me in my room 97+ % of the time.
I learned about the control they take, over your own child.I sat in my room most of the day without my son, looking at several woman I will never see again, which I found rediculas even then ,why is he in a room with 30 others when he could be sleeping On my chest?
Why was I asking them when can I see my son!? It was horrifying the control in the materninty wards.Like a puppy mill. Absolutely terrible.

I sure would love to have that doctor /place Washington DC investigated... that is horrifying!
I am so sorry to hear.
Just don't know how they got away with never presenting the child...
Was it a hospital or private birthing center?

I'm so sorry for all of the things that you have had to go through, Kale. I can't imagine what it is like. I am happy that you have found comfort with God.

CG, I have just now had a moment to be able to get tp this thread. I am so sorry for your loss as well. I can only imagine what you have been going through. God bless your heart.

The little girl that is missing is from Tracy, CA and her name is Saundra Cantu. They are still searching for her. They showed a video of her just moments before she went missing. She was skipping down the street to her grandfathers house.


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This hits so close to home to me also CG...I can not think how the parents and family keep going ...but by the Grace of God...I know when my then almost 3 year old was wisked off and we knew nothing for several days I near had a break down...
these families and many others with missing childern are in my prayers


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Back in the day women were seperated from their babies at birth. My Mom said she begged that my father get a chance to see the baby but they kept saying it would be best if they didn't. She had been sedated for delivery so was not really think ing clearly. There has been on Opra stories identical to my mothers at the same hospital at the same time. There was a black market abay ring run by a doctor. If I remeber right one of the nurses from that time spoke up. It is an odd feeling knowing you have a part of you in the form of a brother just out there somewhere. I feel for you as I can only imagine your loss and how broken you little heart was, and still is.

Saundra Cantu Age 8 MIssing from Tracy Ca.
(The little girl that is missing is from Tracy, CA and her name is Saundra Cantu. They are still searching for her. They showed a video of her just moments before she went missing. She was skipping down the street to her grandfathers house. )
There's a girl who lived here her name is Kimberly Ramer went missing in 06 .Getting ready to graduate high school she never made it.She's still missing no one knows where shes at.Still looking for her every lead.I know a lady from NC that was a Rowan I sent her the link you posted.


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If you have that girls particualars post them in a bold color. You just never knew who might see it. Stranger things have happened. I pray everyday that these missing ones are found or at least the answers so we can rest.


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It's horrible when children or anyone for that matter to go missing. I'm so sorry for anyones loss.
This the story of a missing mother and daughter in our community. As of today Jennifer and Adrianna have not been found. The search goes on.

Jennifer & Adrianna Wix 3/25/04 Cross Plains, TN


Where Are Jennifer And Adrianna Wix?

Jennifer Wix moved with her two year old daughter to her boyfriend's family compound on an 80 acre farm outside of Cross Plains, Tennessee in August of 2003. She had told her mother that she had found her "prince". Her boyfriend's entire family lived in this remote compound, aunts, uncles, grandparents. They were rather reclusive and did not like outsiders.

Jennifer's relationship with her boyfriend turned sour quickly, though and her mother moved to the area to be closer to Jennifer and help her get through this time. Jennifer had told her family members that her boyfriend had made some threatening remarks to her.

On Thursday, March 25, 2004, Jennifer's boyfriend claimed they argued and he drove her to a nearby gas station close to the interstate. He claimed she got into the backseat of a white four door car with Adrianna. He also said he did not see the driver of the car or what direction they were headed. The car was alternately a white Mustang, a white Camaro and eventually, probably along the time the boyfriend realized that neither Mustangs nor Camaros come with four doors, the car became a Grand Prix.

The boyfriend claimed that Jennifer came back the next day, driving the same car, without Adrianna with her.

Jennifer did not take any personal belongings either for herself or Adrianna. She had no money with her, no ID.

His family will not allow their property to be searched, although it is the last place Jennifer and Adrianna were seen. Although the Robertson County sheriff's department never said they suspected foul play, the case is listed as a criminal investigation. They have never pushed the boyfriend's family to search the property thoroughly. At one point, a volunteer search was organized and at the last minute, the family backed out.

The boyfriend does not have a great reputation, according to rumors. In an unrelated incident, when he was placed in the back of a police car, he allegedly kicked out the back window and had to be hog tied. He didn't have a regular job, yet always had a wad of cash. Allegedly, he was working for his family building a home and being paid in cash.

Even if you follow missing persons cases, this may have been one you haven't heard about. Kathy, Jennifer's mother and Adrianna's grandmother, has pushed very hard to get some national attention focused on this case, to very little avail. Finally, it will be featured on Montel Williams on Friday, October 21.



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This is a sad morning as we learn of the remains of Saundra Cantu Age 8 MIssing from Tracy Ca. being found. Pray for her family as they search for anwsers. I can't imagine recovering from something like this.

Please continue the search and your prayers for the families of the following. Never give , never stop praying.

John Patrick Rowen Missing Feb 23 , 2001

Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings age 5 missing Feb, 10th 2009 Satsumas , Fl
just google her name for more information. Tons of sites and links

Jennifer & Adrianna Wix 3/25/04 Cross Plains, TN
Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: May 18, 1980 Sex: Female
Missing Date: Aug 15, 1997 Race: White
Age Now: 28 Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Missing City: OPP Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Missing State : AL Hair Color: Brown
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC836649
Circumstances: Kemberly's photo is shown age-progressed to 26 years. She was last seen at her father's home in Opp, Alabama on August 15, 1997 at 10:00 PM. She has clear braces on her teeth and has thick



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Saw on the news that they arrested a 28 yo female sunday school teacher for her death. Didn't hear any details. Praying for the family as it's got to be tough for them, to find out a neighbor sunday school teacher killed your daughter
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