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We have had a few of your younger grandkids for the past couple of days... WARNING!

If anybody even thinks about saying the word "why" to me in the foreseeable future, I WILL HURT YOU!!!!!! :eek:
Swap ya a teenager who's vocabulary consists of "whatever!" " He's soooo hot" and "Twilight".

She does a good job at mowing the lawn.


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It's so nice to spend time with the's better than when I had my own little ones... I can send them back to their parents when I get tired!!
I sypathize with ya IronKnees, a few days is all I can take too. I think our patience level begins to decline when we become grandparents. I know for a fact that the energy level does.


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Hey when I get the grandkids all at once I get a 2 year old, 5 year old, 10 year old, 14 year old and a 17year old. So the boys will be tearing up things, Cameron colors on the walls, Jamie is the sweet good one, Becca is mouthy and on a computer, Sherri is not doing anything for anyone and wants the car keys and a computer to herself. Now we have three computers so we only have to hear the boys beg for one. Trade you after I have them for a week or two. Usually have them for at least 5 to 8 weeks in the summer. There Mom is insane and their Dad isn't far behind. But if I had 5 kids from 2 to 17 I'd be insane too.
Dealing with other peoples children, I can tell you when they say why, It's a no brainer, it's because I said so. You certainly should have learned not to argue with an adult, so just do as you are told. ie.. Stop running in the house/ stay up to the table when your'e eating/ don't jump on the furniture/ don't touch each other/ put your shoes on/ , it's another story when they ask why it's raining, because the clouds get heavy.
I don't have any grandkids but I've warned the guys that I plan on spoiling them rotten just to get back at them for all this gray hair!
What I don't miss from their childhood is "Mommm!"


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I'm curious too, Dave. We would like to hear about your adventures. I never had many of those "why" sessions or maybe it was just so long ago, I don't remember.


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Oh Dave I've been there and done that and I extend my deepest sympathies. ROTFLMBO Admit it you love every minuet of it. Ours are past that stage, thank heaven.

How about 'It wasn't me.'? In Hawaii everyone speaks pigeon and my kids and grands always said 'No Was Me'. I threatened to hurt them all if just one said it again.

latebloomer When we drove her crazy my mother always said she was going to change her name and she wasn't going to tell us what she changed it to. Depending on the day she'd also say she was going to sell us back to the Indians, ship us back to Africa or give us back to the orphanage. We had no idea where we came from LOL
Better to answer the whys now and use them an an opportunity to engage the grandkids in some conversation. I sure hope I can be a go to guy with mine. Sorry to rain on your parade folks but blowing them off to a TV or Computer or an I-pod just creates the snot nosed little assholes I encounter every day when I go out shopping or whatever. Even some of those kids turn out to be OK kids once I get them to talking a bit.
Well friends, I believe this thread has run it's course, but I will offer the following epilogue.My three daughters and nine grandchildren who range in age from one to thirteen are my life... Aside from my many interests including hunting, wildlife photography, fishing, R/C models and many other areas, the kids come first.

Character, integrity, faith, honesty and ethics exist as my remaining goal in my life and legacy after I'm gone. Never would I relegate the TV or the Internet as convenient babysitters, for to do so would quickly undermine any of the life's lessons I've taught the kids so far.

With that, I'll end by saying that yes, after a few days of a four year old following my every step was not only a gif from God, but as we all know, very wearing. Of course I was just kidding in my opening statement, but at the moment, with the house once again silent, my dog laying at my feet, and my dear wife reading her book, I was tired.

With my health waning, my dog will almost certainly outlive me, but as long as I am physically able to garden with them, to take them fishing and hunting and teach them to respect and follow rules and to embrace all that God has given us and to pass it along to them, my job as their Grandpa' will be fulfilled...

Respectfully Yours. Captain D. Robert Quick (Allegheny Airlines / US Airways Express retired) AKA IronKnees
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Ironknees, the best anyone can give is their time and love. You sound like a wonderful granddad.
I wish I had the opportunity to know my grandparents but they all passed before I was born.


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Dave...I can understand exactly what you are two 4 year old grandsons and a 5 year old one will be here come Fri...and the whole time is wonderful but ...a never ending WHY?????...


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Thank you Dave!
Very nice closure to an adventure in babysitting!
I do not have any grandkids since Jackie and I never had any kids of our own!
Throw in nephews, and nieces and you have very much the same scenario!
I had so much fun as they were growing up!
I could wind them up tight and then send them home to their parents!
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