Tina Turner Concert.....

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we just got back from Montreal where we went to see the Tina Turner concert. It was amazing....as is this entertainer - a true inspriation to women that they can do anything they put their minds too! The concert was fabulous.....jam packed.....2 full hours of her singing...no opening act - one intermission - but two one hour segments! Her clothes were unbelievable - and the shoes!!! For the last song - she was on a long arm in a railed area that moved out over the audiencey.....and she walked out on the catwalk back to the main stage and even did a little dance on the walkway wayyyy above the crowd!!! Those heels, it was dark with the show lights on her and I was holding my breath!
Has anyone else seen her concert tour???
God I would love to see Tina in concert. a neighbor of mine went to see her a couple of weeks ago and she said it was fabulous. The tickets were $200.00 a piece, a little out of my range.
Oh wow Jules...she is an amazing entertainer...and one of my all time favorites... I would sure love to see her... I think I have ever piece of music she has done and listen to her often...She for sure is a success story.
Yes - a success, but an inspriation as well:)
I saw her interviewed on the Oprah show - along with Cher - and she talked openly about finally getting the courage to leave Ike - sometimes one has to take a rough road to get to a good place and as difficult as it may seem - one cannot put a price on peace of mind.
Yes for sure...when i mention success that is what i was making reference to.. Life success...rising above and beyond...She has always been my inspiration...

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