Toasting White Bread

Discussion in 'Bread and Rolls' started by mr_yan, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. mr_yan

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    Lately I've been making a lot of bread. We eat a lot of bread, toasted or not but mostly as toast, and have only bought one loaf since Christmas.

    Anyway this is the recipe I've used since I ran out of whole wheat flour:

    300 g water
    300 g AP flour
    pinch of yeast

    310 g water
    9 g instant dry yeast
    31 g sugar (I've used this amount for white sugar, brown sugar, and honey with equal success)
    7 g salt
    53 g veg oil
    700 g flour (I've gone as high as 200 g of this as whole wheat in this recipe)

    Using my stand mixer I run it on "stir" until homogeneous then bump it to the next higher speed (2 on my kitchen aid) for 2 minutes and yes I time it.

    20 minutes for first rise in oiled bowl


    15 minutes for second rise

    Fold and shape for two loaf pans

    Rise in pans until dough is just proud of the top of the pans

    Bake 45 mins at 350 F

    When I started with this recipe it was the "Toasting White Bread" in the book The Complete Book of Breads by Bernard Clayton Jr. I've changed some things - well almost all of it.
  2. RonsGarden

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    Sounds great!
    I have one of those bread makers but do not bake it in the machine, I prefer loaf pans in the oven.
  3. mr_yan

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    We had a bread machine but gave it away. What is the point of one when you were making bread weekly for two years and never used it? I did finally get a stand mixer though. So far I've made 14 batches of bread in it this year. Each batch I make uses 1 kg of flour.

    I forgot to mention in the recipe I do a 9 hour ish pre-ferment when I do it. Start it before I go to work. Most of the time I don't do the pre-ferment step though

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