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Ahhh, as we all await springs return and the warmer temps, there are a few thing you can do to keep those gardening woes at bay. Think tools! Some of us tend to forget that our trusted friends in the shed need a little TLC too. Now is a great time to maintain your tools while you can't be in the garden. Clean tools are tools that will serve you well during the season.
You should always clean your tools before storing, however some of tend to just put them away. Get them out and remove all debris such as dirt or sand. Sharpen blades of shovles, hoes, and shears. Oil moving parts of shears, and or edgers.
Hopefully you had preped all your gas tools for winter with Satbil in the gas. If not , empty gas tanks and fill with clean fuel and oil. Make sure all blades are sharpened and clean.

Let us know what other chores you do to get your tools ready for spring!
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You mean to tell me that the show from the 80's is not within your list anywhere!!:eek:

You have some good points ( as well as reminders ) Something ya might overlook a weelbarrow for those extra footsteps you don't need to make.
A good sanding and some paint in the Fall or Spring will add extra years and if a blow-up tire is on the tool.Check to see if it's got enough air and don't leak. ( mine sqeaked last year everytime I wheeled it around ) - ya might want to look into a couple cheap trash cans for that extra hand as well -

Lawn rollers will be used too,so tend to them while ya can so things go correctly! :)


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Thanks for the reminders Crabber, this is the best time to get tools prepared for Spring. We don't want to waste that precious warmth while sharpening and oiling tools! I need to do these things too and be prepared. I especially want my hoe to be sharp when the first snake creeps into my yard or garden! I noticed my lawn mower tires are looking kinda low of air and I'm sure I need to replace the blades and check the oil. The tiller probably needs a little maintainance too. Spring is getting close for some of us...


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I too need to replace or sharpen the mower blades. My weed wacker bit the dust last year. I'm pricing new ones. I want a battery powered on this time as I hate that cord. Same on the mower when it wears out.

I need to repaint my wagon. I use it to move heavy things from front to back or back to front. I could not do a wheel barrow up that hill on the side of the house.

Now is the time to watch for the weeds coming. I think it is good to get out that old weed puller and hoes and all to attend to them. I have found if I take care of the weeds before they bloom and set seed I'm miles ahead for the year.


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I gave up on the weed eaters. The string/wire fails before the job is done every time, leaving to re-wind the spool in order to finish. This is not due to my own error, it happens right out of the box. I even got the thickes gas powered eater on the market. It even has two whips. Same problem. I spend less time on my knees pulling the weeds out, and they don't come back this way like they do when you whack em.

DOWN WITH WEED WHACKERS! Just kidding, but they suck.


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Forgot to mention that a coat of paint on Shovles, hoes, post hole diggers and such will help prevent rust also.
If you have stored gas in cans over the winter, and did not put an additive such as "Stabil" in the gas you may want to dispose (properly of course) of that gas and start fresh. I know gas is expensive and none of us wants to waste it but the repairs and aggrevation of bad fuel can be more costly than fresh gas.

Some of you might be in the maerket for new tools this year and it is never too early to start looking. I noticed some garden tools already on sale at the big box stores. Sometimes pre season sales are really good. Do your homework first, before you go looking.


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I am mostly replacing the one of my daughters that I wore out. She was kind enough to leave all the garden tools when she went to England. Of course they were like new cause they usually hired someone to mow and edge and all. I'm not the biggest fan of weed wackers but what the hey they work (I really mean a weedeater)
OH OH OH this is my favorite tool of all. It is a trowel that lasts a lifetime and digs and prys out rocks everything you need.
I have the 202 and I love it.
Ha! But do you have the leather sheath so you can quick draw it when you see a weed? You lose Garden Nerd cred if you don't have the leather sheath!

That's a good site, though, thanks. I've got it bookmarked now.


Look what I received as a gift!
I helped a senior with fall cleanup and he gave me this!
With leather sheath!
I added an orange tie don't want to loose that leather sheath!

If you have grass or Lilies or chive to harvest it is a MUST HAVE!
I do not personally have grasses but I do at the large Market at the Marquee I tend for the town.
Cuts like butter so watch your hands and both sides are sharp; God was merciful in teaching me that lesson.:eek::eek::)
Giant chive tie and cut right through no effort so be very careful.
I think it goes for 40dollars plus shipping. Not certain.





Yes:) like butter! *lol
Not an everyday tool, but it sure saved lots of work and effort in cleanup.
I was thrilled to have received such a gift and... exactly the time that I needed it!
I melted...*LOL!
The man ordered it from a magazine, he saw how I liked his old one*lol



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Flo, Yep it seems you fit. LOL!

My son has a wicked sling blade. It has a hook like a sickle but has serreated blade. He has it in a leather sheath also. And it is so clean you could use it at the dinner table. He loves his tools. He will make a great father one day if takes half the time with his kids he does with his tools.
Lyhnpenny, I have a battery powered week wacker and a cordless mower, they don't cost much to charge them a months of charging is less than $1.50. the mower cut front and back yard 2 or 3 times be for a recharge, the weed wacker its not great on lasting on a charge I get maybe 45 min. out of it but if I trim half the yard one day and the other half the next it works out fine, I find I like that I don't have to keep gas or oil on hand for these thing any more, for those who have seen the cordless mower in the AARP mag. it will cost you your first grandchild for one, B&D are just as good if not better, I got mine at lowe's 3 years ago and I'm still happy with it, some times new toys bore me after awhile and I want some thing else to play with but this is a keeper


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My neighbor from across the road came over and talked to me a couple of days ago and he was telling me that he invested in an electrical weed whacker and electric mower. He has a riding mower also for the bulk of his lawn and uses the electric for the hard-to-reach spots. His previous complaint was how much money he spent maintaining the gasoline powered equipment. I know what he is talking about as I had three different pieces of equipment into the shop last year for service work. In at least one of the cases, it needed service because fuel was left in the tank over the winter months. There are two things we can do to reduce the irritation of motors that won't run. We can use a fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil or an equivalent, but a better alternative is to use aviation gasoline. It is more expensive up front, but it won't gum up in the fuel system if neglected.


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Yes electric can have advantages, but when you have a lot of land it is not going to work. I use Sta-bil also . I just got my tiller out to use , filled it with gas and sta-bil only to find I have a sticky float and all the gas drained out of it in the garage overnight! :rolleyes: So the maintenance issues are on going. I'm thinking I am getting too old for all this keeping up. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to