Vinca vine cuttings??

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by Holy_Wood80, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Holy_Wood80

    Holy_Wood80 New Member

    I have some vinca vine cuttings that someone gave me and I've had them for a week so far and there in water and I was wondering if they will grow roots? I checked today and they havent grown any roots yet, and if they can grow roots in water how long will it take?

    heres a pic of a vinca vine plant in case you never seen one :)

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  2. swindy

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    Holy Wood your vinca vines should root for you.
  3. Flower4Yeshua

    Flower4Yeshua Super Moderator & vegemm Staff Member

    yes, as Sharon said they will root...but may take several weeks until they have roots well enough to plant...I place mine in the window
  4. Blueaussi

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    I was under the impression that it wasn't possible to kill vinca! My parents put some in as a ground cover when they built their home back in the sixties, and my sibs and I spent our adolescence pulling periwinkle as punishment every time we got in trouble.

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